Friday, June 1, 2007

Colorado wildflowers, spring

The wildflowers are wonderful this spring. We have had enough rain, so there is plenty of color. I would identify the ones in the photos for you, but I think Matthias packed away my wildflower book already. So you are on your own. I can enjoy them without knowing what they are called, but I have always had a desire to say, "oh yes, that is a mountain four-o-clock" or whatever it is. (The mountain four o clock I do know, but they are not blooming yet.) Here are some of the favorite ones I've seen while walking with Pono and Matthias in the morning.

We are slowly but surely getting the packing done. It is a little sad, taking the art off the walls and then seeing them blank. Boy, do we have a ton of art! Not just my art, either. We have been collecting Aboriginal art from Australia, and combined with the art I've collected locally, it is mind boggeling to see what we have amassed. Yet I love every piece we have. Now I know how collectors feel. You buy work because you love it, and then the challenge is to find a place for it where you will be able to enjoy it. Not an easy thing to do, when you live in a house that's only 1100 square feet!

I leave you with one more monotype from last weeks printing session. It also needs a title, if you are struck with any brilliant ideas... please post them! I'll give away a free notecard to the title I end up using. How's that for temptation?


Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful shots, Karine...and your new print is REALLY nice.

James and I have a little art collection going too...and it surprises me how we still love each and every piece.

Have a good weekend. Don't work too hard at packin'!xo

Anonymous said...

How about a title of, "Lanterns in the Flying Sunset"? Sometimes I get carried away, but that's what I see there.

Brice :)