Monday, August 6, 2007

Impending move

I am just counting the days (6!) until we move into our new house. I wish we could skip over the moving part, and just be there, already settled. I don't know why, but moving traumatizes me. I guess I am just a homebody, and when my home gets uprooted, it throws me off. Something like that.

I don't have anything exciting to report, but I will share with you some little butterfly drawings I did yesterday. I was doing research, helping a friend with a design for a tattoo. I think my favorite one is the greeny gold one. I forgot the name of that one. The one at the top is called "Apollo". By the way, it is unprecedented for me to share drawings from my sketchbook. You guys must have earned my trust, or something... Have a nice Monday!


lee said...

i love all those designs I love the purple pink one (thats the colour on my screen) that would be a cute tattoo. My daughter 18 wants a tattoo and I keep telling her when your 80 how will you explain your tattoos. No card yet, but maybe tommorow. Not to long now and the big move. I like the idea of moving I always hate the idea of unpacking everything.

lee said...

i got my card today, it is wonderful, the computer does not do it justice, the colours everything. Thank you so much


Sandy said...

Oh ,..I really like these, especially the bottom one.