Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A reworked painting and the dog

I don't really have much to tell you. I was hoping to paint today, but I am feeling uninspired. I have plenty of paintings waiting to be painted (in my head). So that's not it. It's just that old artistic block or slump or whatever you want to call it.

Instead, I am going to post one photo of Pono the dog, pulling the stuffing out of his favorite white bear. Even though most of the stuffing has been removed from this bear by Pono, he truly loves it. While I was trying to stretch this morning (on the floor), Pono brought the bear over to me, placed it on my head, and lay down on top of me, hoping to get me to play. Pretty cute.

I just listed a larger original oil painting on etsy tonight. It measures 20 x 20", and I recently reworked it. (I had originally painted it while we were still in Hawaii.) I think it is much better now. The colors are bolder. It's called "Reef", since the shapes are ocean inspired. Very abstract, huh?


lee said...

I like your re worked painting. I dont feel to inspired today at all. Love the picture of your dog and her favourite bear. My sofie has a favourite bear that she sleeps with, doesnt even tear it apart like everything else in this house.

priya said...

can't make up my mind which is more delightful, the photograph of pono or your painting. i think i'll just take both ;-)

Anke said...

What a cute foto from your dog, isn't funny how they know to get your attention? Hope you had a fun day to recharge your inspiration batteries ;)
PS: Love the depth of your ocean inspired painting.

Abby Creek Art said...

Love the picture of sassy Pono, Karine!

Your painting is gorgeous. The shapes and colors work beautifully together.