Saturday, August 23, 2008

The dog days of summer

Sunday, 4:00 pm, 100 degrees Farenheit. Where does the term "dog days" come from? click here, if you are curious, like I was.

It must be August. For some reason, at the end of the summer I seem to enter into a phase of ultimate laziness. Is it the heat? I will blame it on a natural rhythm. I will blame it on whatever I can. It seems like all I want to do is sleep and eat ice cream. I am NOT doing that, however. (Well, I guess I have had a little ice cream.) I have actually been busy, preparing for the Studio Tours in October. I have signed up to participate. If you live near Joshua Tree, CA, you can come and visit my studio on October 11 & 12th! I will have original oil paintings, monotypes, giclee reproductions, cards, and even some gift items, which I will feature on this blog soon!

I leave you with another monotype. This one I reworked in pastel after it was dry. It's called "Turning Point". It looks much better in person, but I am too tired of the computer to fix it. Maybe later.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi karine!
oh i love it! this new series is amazing. and i love the colors and textures in this one.

i wish i could come to your open studio show! how exciting!


lee said...

Hi Karine.

I wish I lived close so I could come to your studio tour and see all that colour up close and personal. I love this one, the colour is amazing. Do you work much in pastels.....are they hard to work in,

coloredsock said...

wow karine, i am so psyched for you about the use of the printing press!!! oh how i dream of that... maybe that'll be the renewed energy you need in the heat of summer. wish i could drop by the studio tour--have fun, and i look forward to seeing more prints.

Anke said...

Oh those journals are awesome! I love the color combinations! Wonderful! Eye candies for sure.
Oh a Studio Tour! That sounds great and exciting. On that weekend I probably start with my Creative and Expressive Painting Studio as well or better the Grand Opening with an Open Studio. So enjoy preparing for it, toooooo bad I'm living so far away! I would have came by.
Our August is pretty much like fall time already, even we a warm day today, it still feels like the air smells, the color of the sky, chilly mornings.....
Lot's of greetings and smiles, Anke ;)

High Desert Diva said...

I'm enjoying the monotypes...