Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring in the Desert

I have been without internet for several days, because our modem was bad. Of course, we didn't discover that was the problem until after I had spent TWO HOURS on the phone with tech support. UGH. I am relieved to have the internet back. I guess I am more addicted to it than I thought I was. I am not sure it is good to be so reliant on the internet. Maybe that was a wake up call for me, of sorts.

The walks in the morning with Mr. Pono the dog have been particularly enjoyable. Flowers are abundant, and the weather is gradually getting warmer. (although today is cooler and really windy.) The desert flowers leave me feeling almost intoxicated with their unexpected beauty and variety. But then, I have always been a sucker for flowers, especially wildflowers.

Yesterday, Pono and I saw a horned toad. I would have a photograph for you, except that Pono frightened it under a bush, and then it was too well camouflaged for a good photograph. Perhaps I will see another that I can photograph for you. They are so cool looking. If you want to see a photograph of one, you can visit an earlier post here.

We also saw some new blue flowers that I don't remember seeing last year. I am almost certain they are a delphinium of some kind. Either the Parry's Larkspur (Delphinium parryi) or the Nuttall's Larkspur (Delphinium nuttallianum). Regardless of the actual name of it, I thought it was beautiful, and was happy to have seen it.

I have been working on a new series of oil paintings, which I told you about weeks ago. I haven't mastered my process yet, but I did finish one small painting that I am happy with, so I decided to share it with you. Rather than painting abstract elements onto the canvas, I decided to collage objects to the canvas. So this painting is oil paint, cardboard, window screen and beads. It's called Amulet, and it measures 12 x 12 inches. Hopefully, I will have a few more finished by the end of the weekend. To view this painting, or any of the other photos in a larger version, simply right click on the image. You can open it in a new window for a closer view. (you will get a nice feeling for the textures in the painting if you do this.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


pRiyA said...

oh wow to the flowers especially to the yellow bush and WOW to the amulet painting.

Patricia said...

Karine! Good to have you back online. I've missed you!
The new work is gorgeous. It's inspiring to see your fearless work.
ps-got the comment process streamlined a bit, thanks for the heads up!!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi karine and pono! Love the new work it is powerful!
I've always been fond of hornytoads they used to be so abundant in Texas
Many hugs....

Robyn said...

Fantastic painting! Wow!