Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Just a quick post before I crawl into bed. I am traveling to Laguna Beach tomorrow with an artist friend. We are going to see the Pageant of the Masters. I am also hoping to get a chance to visit some of the beautiful contemporary galleries located in Laguna Beach. If there is any surf, I may even paddle out and see if I remember anything at all about how to ride a wave. It has been about 5 years since I last surfed.

All in all, it should be a fun two days, and I will be home late Thursday night. Then, I need to get back into the studio!

I leave you with another new painting. This one may not be finished yet. I may paint over it, or I may just rework it somewhat. I am not sure how I feel about it. It is too new. I think in this stage it is called "The Oracle". It is oil on canvas, 36 x 36 x 2.5 inches. There was a lot of scraping with the palette knife, as well as dragging of paint, and so the textures have begun to be interesting. The colors are so much better in person. I wish I could show it to you in person!

I will try to catch up on my fellow bloggers soon! I miss you!


pRiyA said...

oh my God! this is beautiful!!!!

bindu said...

Have a good trip! Surfing sounds awesome.

lee said...

it looks very good here, i love the colour combos have a great time at the festival

Red Fish Circle said...

I am green with envy, I LOVE Laguna Beach.... have fun, really like the new painting.