Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Festivals and flowers

At long last, hot desert temperatures seem to have arrived.   Many will despair at this news, but I am a hot weather freak, and I am happy to finally not be cold.  It has been a long, cool, windy spring.  The cooler temps have provided us with an extended spring bloom, and that is something one must not complain about.  The surrounding desert looks as lush as I have seen it in our short few years living here.  Even as busy as I have been, I do take a moment every day to look out the window and admire the beauty.

The desert willow has just begun to bloom.  This deciduous native is a favorite, with its orchid-like flowers and long narrow leaves.  Chilopsis linearis is not actually a member of the willow family, as its name suggests, but is a member of the Bignonia family.

I spent the weekend at JTAG, the collective gallery I am a proud new member of.  It was a good weekend for the gallery, with many admirers and good sales.  The collection of recent Joshua Tree paintings I had displayed for the month of June were a hit, and I am delighted to say that I sold several of them, including this one.
Here is a photograph of the interior of the gallery the day we installed the show for May.  Now, most of the artists in the collective, myself included, have brought new art for the month of June.  The artists take turns sitting in the gallery, and it is normally open from 10 to 3 on the weekends.  You can also make an appointment to see it by emailing me.  (

I am preparing to take art to the Sunnyvale Art and Wine Festival this weekend.  The festival is right downtown in Sunnyvale, California.  It is a big festival, and if you are nearby and would like to see me there, let me know so I can guide you to my booth.  (I won't know my location until we arrive Saturday morning.)  The festival lasts from 9 to 6 both Saturday and Sunday. 


Nancy Medina said...

Karine, I wish I could see our Joshua tree collection! this is amazing and what beautiful light and space to display your work. Have fun at the festival!
hugs from Texas!

pRiyA said...

What fun! Congrats on selling your work and all the very best for the new shows coming up.

Patricia said...

Congratulations Karine. I'm really pleased for you. Have a terrific time in Sunnyvale-