Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Giveaway

"Grooming."  Oil on canvas, 10 x 8 inches.  ©k.swenson10

No, the above painting is not the giveaway.  It is one of the paintings I sold during the Hwy. 62 Art Tours the weekend before last.

However, I have surpassed 30,000 visitors to this blog, and I am having a giveaway, as promised.  I haven't decided exactly what I am going to give away just YET, but I promise you will be able to choose between more than one thing, and it will be a piece of my art.  I am sure you are wondering how you go about being part of this giveaway.  It's pretty easy.  Just leave me a comment, between now and November 7th.  If you want to share how long you have been following this blog, that would be kinda cool, but it is optional.  I will choose my winner on Monday, the 8th of November.  I will post photos later this week of the items you will be able to choose from, if you happen to be the lucky one.  There will most likely be three things to choose from.  I have already picked one of the things, I just haven't decided on the other two things yet.  (I know - so much suspense!)  

For those of you who are wondering about my recent shows, both the Open Studio Art Tour and the Art in the Park in Ventura were successful shows!!!  I have worked really hard this year, and it is clear to me now that hard work does pay off.  My goal this year was to paint 100 paintings, and as I write this, I have completed 90 paintings.  I have already told some of you about this goal, so I apologize if I sound like a broken record.  I just wanted to tell others about it, because I am so excited that I am going to meet my goal.

I am off to visit my long absent husband next week, and I hope to be blogging about my overseas adventures.  It will depend on internet access, of course, but it will be fun to do a little traveling.  I love sharing adventures with you, my dear blog readers.  I am going to make a concerted effort to catch up on my fellow bloggers this week.  I hope all of you U.S. readers remembered to vote today.  I did.


breoc said...

Love your work!

Are you curious about me? said...

Hi Karine

Firstly congratulations are in order firstly for selling the little painting and secondly for almost reaching your '100' paintings... Amazing.

As for how long I've been visiting... I was a regular, then lost the link.. clicked on the wrong button.. doh!.. and just re-found you today.. hurrah!

Patricia said...

Congratulations Mighty Painter, on your crazy success this year. And thank you for your generosity in this art give-away. Woo hoo!

Karin said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea of you to give a giveaway. I would so love to win a piece of your art. I am not sure now, how long I am following your blog, but I guess it is more than a year. The jackrabbit paintings are my favourites :-)

Frances said...

Isn't it cool to reach a goal? I set a goal of becoming a group leader with PQ by the end of October and did it! Now I'll be in Palm Desert in Jan. because of it! I'll call soon with deets for you. Love you and that you have 30000 followers!!! Wow!!!

Wild Apple Design said...

Your paintings are really breathtaking. I'm not an expert on art or anything (except for the fact that I LOVE to stare at it for long periods of time...), but it certainly looks like you have lots of passion in your brushstrokes!
I, too, grew up in the 80's and had clothing and hair that I would like to forget. Just when the bad memories were nearly gone, the styles are coming back! AAACCCCKKKKK!!!! Seems like every 20 years or so...
That's one trend I won't be following!
Congratulations on your many followers and cheers to years of continued success!

~ Jenn
Wild Apple Design

Dolores said...

I don't know how long I have followed your blog but I do love your work. Have a great time away.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

Gorgeous ears!!! All the better to hear you with my dear......
oh heavens, enter me in the pot for your giveaway....I would give a piece of your art a great home and take really good care of it:)
How long have I been a follower,,,mmmmgoood question,,I think you were one of the first artists I started following when I set up my blog WAY back in end of May, beg. June I think. Have fun on your trip!

Rachael said...

that painting is adorable, i dont know how long ive bben following your blog, but im glad i found it

Annietiques said...

Karine, I have been following your blog as well as Tina Bluefield;s and Lily Stockman's for about a year! I met you all on the Open Studio Tours in 2009. Would love to win!

Johnny Victor said...

I've been a fan for long time, your work is great and your style is so diverse.

Laura said...

What brought me to your blog was a little card that I picked up from you after I saw your art for the first time …about a year ago …during the Art Tours. But this is what’s kept me coming back:

- Art! What a treat it is to get to peak in on your latest projects.

- Animal pictures! Oh, how I love getting to see all of the rabbits, coyotes, birds, and other wildlife congregating right outside your door.

- Karine’s desert! As a fellow desert lover, I love perspectives that your art, photos and descriptions provide. Sometimes looking at your blog is like catching an unexpected glimpse of my reflection in a window: the desert you capture feels incredibly familiar … and yet it’s different enough that I end up being surprised when I realize what it is that I’m looking at.

Thanks, Karine!