Monday, February 28, 2011

Flora and Fauna

Even though spring is near, it has been rather cold here in the high desert.  I go outside with Pono, rain or shine.  (Although I admit that in the wind and rain, I do tend to complain a lot.)  It only takes a hint of sunshine for me to be outside with my camera, looking for glimpses of the desert to share with you.  I have been especially on the watch for Joshua Trees with blooms or buds on them.  Oddly enough, I don't have as many photos as I thought I did of the blossoms.  I will blame it on the rain.  Here is a sampling of what I have been seeing, in the past few weeks.
A bud on a tree just down the street from our house.

A Cactus I saw in the Park that looks like someone took a bite out of.
This is a popular time of year for the Joshua Tree National Park to be filled with rock climbers.  For some reason, I always like to see them dangling.
Temperatures are expected to slowly climb all week.  Those of you who know me will understand how happy that makes me. 

My solo exhibition opens this Saturday, March 5th at The Red Arrow Gallery here in Joshua Tree.  Here is another painting that will be included in the show.
"Almost Heaven."  oil on canvas, 14 x 14 inches.  ©k.swenson2011

I have been working on inventory for the paintings I have finished so far this year.  Last year my goal was to paint one hundred paintings.  (I did achieve it.)  This year, I hadn't really finalized how many paintings I wanted to finish, but right now I have already completed over FIFTY!  I did not realize I had done so many.   I guess I have been working hard. 


Anonymous said...

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Ps: LOVE the art work!

Anonymous said...

It must be wonderful to watch the Joshua Tree blooms. Your photos are beautiful.

I hope your exhibition is a great success. I love the paintings... both the one pictured here and the one from your newsletter.

Enjoy the opening!

Hannah said...

Karina--thank you for the images of the Joshua Trees in bloom--I've never seen one before--or even imagined that they bloom.

Big congrats on your upcoming show and for making your goal of 100 paintings--impressive!