Friday, August 10, 2012

Sketches and studies

It's August in the desert. Yes, hot. And oddly humid. Rain clouds build, sometimes even thunder is heard, but so far, not a drop of rain has been seen. Perhaps one fell and evaporated on the way down.

All of the animals come to drink from the water I put out. I make sure to keep it full. I love to watch who comes for a drink - jackrabbits, cottontails, the little ground squirrels, birds, and, ...AND a BOBCAT!! The bobcat liked it here so much, he/she stayed for the better part of one afternoon. He/she spent most of the time here hunkered down behind a clump of Mormon tea, which means not too many sketching/photo opportunities presented themselves. I did get a few photos, and I have begun to do small studies with ink and brush.

I just want to get a feel for the shapes that make up this creature. I need to study how it moves. Only then will I begin to try to paint it. I still hope to see it once more, but I am thrilled with the visit.

I am still working on the smaller studies in acrylic. They aren't as satisfying to me now, but I think sometimes when life is challenging, the work reflects that. Or maybe I just need to push them further. One must sometimes work through frustration to come out with a painting that satisfies.

"No Postage Necessary." Acrylic, collage, graphite and ink on paper. 12 x 9 inches. ©2012 Karine Swenson

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Nicole Hyde said...

Love the drawings and mixed media piece!