Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In defense of art

Ten reasons to buy original art:
1. It has no calories
2. You don't have to feed it or pick up its poo
3. It will always fit, even if you gain a little weight
4. The software doesn't crash or need updating - ever
5. You won't have to get new tires for it or change the oil
6. It won't wake you up in the middle of the night
7. If you loved it when you bought it, you will always love it
8. It uses no electricity
9. It never goes out of style
10. No one else will have one like it.

Seriously though, if I didn't think art was a worthwhile investment, I wouldn't spend all day, every day making it, thinking about making it, reading about it or looking at it. I even spent four years (give or take) in college STUDYING it.

Do you realize that one of the things people travel to see is art? Do you realize that lawsuits are being fought all over the world because of art? Do you realize that when our civilization has gone, one of the things that will be left behind as a record of our time and culture is art? Art is important.

We spend money on so many things that are designed for our physical selves. Art is for the soul.

"Animal Intelligence." Dictionary pages, tissue paper, acrylic and oil on board 11 x 14 inches. ©Karine Swenson2013
The opening in Bakersfield last Friday night at the Metro Galleries went very well. It was a great crowd, and so many of my friends from the desert drove all the way up there to be there with me!!! Thank you to everyone who came, especially those who had such a long drive, but came anyway. I am overwhelmed by you all! The show is up until the end of May, and paintings are selling, thanks to the efforts of the owner, Don Martin. Hooray!


Annie said...

The paintings are selling because they are good :-).
I think the main reason to buy art is because it does feed the soul, beauty is important! Congrats on the show! Love the coyote.xoxo

ArtPropelled said...

Hooray! Glad your work is selling well and I love "Animal Intelligence". Looking at your art points and shaking my head at number 7. I thought I loved a painting at a show. Purchased it and when I got it home I absolutely hated it. It looked so out of place. If the artist had let me change it I would have continued to love his work but he refused point blank, so I have this huge painting in my home that makes me feel ill every time I look at it (simply because I spent so much money on something I can't live with)and I've now decided to send it to auction with some old furniture..... and I will never go to another of his exhibitions. I'm sure most artists would exchange something within a few days of buying it if it really made the buyer unhappy.

Karine Swenson said...

Hi Annie, thanks for your comments!
Robyn, I have to ask: did you end up hating the painting just because it looked out of place when you got it home? I have never heard of anyone getting a painting home and hating it. (usually, people love it even more when they get it home.) I think any artist in their right mind would have wanted you to be happy. I would have. I don't want someone to own my painting if they hate it! Craziness. I guess I will have to think of a new number 7.

Patty said...

So glad your opening went well. And I love your list, a few of them made me laugh out loud. Keep it up Mighty Artist!

Nicole Hyde said...

Congrats on the show, Karine! :-)

Mark J said...

I couldn't agree more! And congrats on your sales!