Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Take a walk with me

M and I went for a hike with a friend in Joshua Tree National Park last week. This fall season has been a little like spring in reverse. Rain, flowers, and now wind. With allergies to boot! We are seeing more flowers than we ever saw last spring, because of the monsoon rains. It's lovely! Let's all hope the government can get their act together and re-open the Park while people still have a chance to enjoy the flowers....and frogs.


Did I just type "frogs"? Why yes, I did. It's true, folks. We saw FROGS on our hike in the desert last week. I very nearly stepped on several, they were so abundant and well-camouflaged. According to my amphibian and reptile book, they are red spotted toads. Unexpected.

The desert floor is covered with yellow Chinchweed (pectis papposa), in addition to datura, amaranth, and a few others I don't know the names of yet. We've been seeing more desert tortoise tracks, but haven't seen a tortoise lately.

In other news, I have been accepted into this year's Joshua Tree National Park Art Show and Faire! This event will be December 7 & 8th. You can visit the website for more details.

The latest coyote painting:
"Winter Coat." Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches.  ©Karine Swenson 2013


pRiyA said...

Those frogs look incredible, green with orange spots. And how well they camouflage. I wish there were more pictures of them.
Congrats on being selected for the Art show! :)

Anonymous said...

Frogs - wow. I've seen the 'horny' toads in the desert, but never a frog. Pretty cool.

Last Saturday riding my bike in Ojai I saw (in the distance) a long legged dog. Turned out to be a coyote. He was covered with/in mange. Poor dear. Didn't have any fur. He walked right by me, within 2' or so. I just felt so sorry for him.

Keep painting the pretty ones.


p.s. The brownie was very good. Very spicy, and very tasty. Thankx.

Patty said...

Congratulations on your selection to the art faire!!! That was a no brainer.
Karine, I love that you share your desert walks with us. Your landscape is so very different from mine.