Friday, February 9, 2007

Hong Kong, day 9

It was unseasonably warm in Hong Kong today. Up until today, the majority of the locals have been bundled up in down jackets, scarves, and heavy sweaters. Which has been entertaining for me, since I left a cold and snowy Colorado. It was cooler here when I first arrived, but I was warm enough in a light jacket with a long sleeved shirt underneath. And I have always considered myself to be fairly cold-blooded!!! These people make me look like I have the blood of an Alaskan!! Today, however, it was warm enough that most of the people I saw were not wearing coats, and I even spotted a few pairs of sandals.

Matthias and I walked along a red trail (that I have nicknamed the "red brick road" - not because it is brick, but it is red, and I definitely feel like I am no longer in Kansas, if you get my drift.) that takes you down by the ocean. I saw the path from the balcony when I was doing laundry the other day, and decided to explore it. Since Matthias hadn't been on it yet, I was the tour guide. It is a nice walk, and there is some "athletic equipment" - parallel bars, a bench for sit ups, and some bars for pull ups along the way. I like to see if I can do all the exercises on the bars. (I can't!) It is nice to get down by the water, though, which is what originally drew me to the path. However, when I reached the beach I saw from the balcony, I was horrified by the quantities of trash on the beach and in the water. ICK!!! It ruined all of my expectations for being near the beach. I love swimming in the ocean, but it would take more than a wet suit to get me in this water. Here's proof that China isn't up with protecting their environment just yet. Supposedly, there are "White Chinese dolphins" that occasionally visit this bay, but try as we might, we did not see any dolphins. And who can blame them? What dolphin would want to swim in this water?

Matthias had to spend some time studying with his simulator partner this afternoon. So I decided to head off in search of a pair of shorts and a tshirt, since I had not packed for such warm weather. I went to the Ladies' Market, where supposedly you can find all kinds of sportswear, ladies' wear, and accessories. It seemed like the typical street market, with one stall after another with cheesy tourist stuff. You should not buy anything here unless you know how to barter. I find it difficult to shop in these street markets, because it is such complete sensory overload. It's loud, and there are people everywhere. The salespeople only know a few words in English, and once they have run through their repertoire of words, you can forget about talking to them. Eg: "Missy, you like Coach bag? Copy watch? Hello, Missy!" How much you want pay?") I didn't stay very long. And I did not find a pair of shorts or a tshirt to buy. It was still fun to go downtown, and I did manage to find a couple little trinkets to bring home with me.

I ordered a new pair of glasses and contact lenses last weekend, so on my way back to Lantau island, I stopped at the eyewear store to pick up my glasses. The glasses weren't ready yet, but I was pleased to discover my new contact lenses were ready. So I am sporting new contacts, and I can see really well now! Yay!

I met Matthias for some yummy Thai food, and then we took the bus back to the hotel. So there it is, day 9, or whatever this is.


Mel said...

Been loving the pics! How long will you be there? I have one request -- post pics of your hotel room! Nothing kinky or anything :) -- just curious as to how a Hong Kong hotel room looks!

Carla Sonheim said...

Yes, I would like to see your hotel room as well! *wink*

Karine said...

okay, already! Your wish is my command...