Monday, April 21, 2008

More Desert Flowers

I just can't get enough of flowers. I have been especially infatuated with the bladder sage. Since I don't care much for the name, I have decided to rename them for my own use. I think "balloon sage" is a much nicer name. Whatever you call it, it is an intriguing plant! The "balloons" are full of air, which I discovered yesterday when I squeezed one between my fingers. I know, I know, curiosity killed the cat. Since I am not a cat I have decided to take my chances. How ELSE are you supposed to figure these things out?

I also took a couple photos of the desert mallow (sphaeralcea ambigua). This is one of the most drought tolerant species of the globe mallow family. It was a bit windy outside, so forgive the slight blurriness. These plants can be quite large, and they really light up the landscape with those orange flowers. I have a thing for the color orange lately, anyway.

I finally decided I needed to do a little art. I have a tiny sketch book, in which I have been doing these dime-sized sketches of the jackrabbits that occasionally visit. If any of you have ever drawn from a live human model, you will know that one minute or 30 second poses are REALLY QUICK. Well, if you want a true challenge, try drawing from an animal. You are lucky to get a 5 second pose. Many of these sketches are so fast, and simple. I thought I could do little watercolor drawings from these sketches. That's what I worked on yesterday. As it turns out, I am not so sure I am getting enough information to do watercolors of them. You can see for yourself. It is really pretty "cute" for me. No, I do not have visions of being like Beatrix Potter. Not by any means. (If you haven't seen the movie based on Beatrix Potter's life, starring Renee Zellweger, you should.) I just wanted to do some art. I do love the big ears on those jackrabbits.


priya said...

sigh! thank you for sharing this incredible beauty.

High Desert Diva said...

I envy you your blooming desert flowers...we don't have anything colorful yet. In fact, it's still snowing on and off. Nevertheless we're out moving dirt, slowly reshaping our yard to something more pleasing to the eye. Sadly, right now, it resembles Oklahoma circa 1930's. Visions!

We have 3 jack rabbits who visit us...and one cottontail. And, yes they are very fast! Definitely a departure for your art, but charming all the same.

How's your mama doing?

lee said...

Love the pictures, the weather looks great there. I was using the shovel today, we had a blizzard like conditions for the past two days......Love the picture of the jack rabbit, he looks great to me...