Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Orange Desert Mallow

7:30 pm, 84 degrees.

One of the native flowers I looked forward to seeing in bloom this year is the orange desert mallow, sphaeralcea ambigua. I loved it so much last year that I have been searching for some at the garden center to plant in my yard. I had no idea that the search would be such a challenge. I really wanted ORANGE ones. They also come in pink, red and white. I found the other colors, but for some reason, it was the orange color I had my heart set on. I finally managed to find one orange one about a week ago. I bought another one that the lady at the garden center thought was orange, but when the buds opened, it turned out to be pink. At first, I was going to return the pink one, but now I have decided I like it, so I am going to keep it after all. I am thrilled that I found an orange one at long last!

The photo of this particular mallow was taken near an empty lot down the street from us. Funny how they seem to grow everywhere except for my yard!!! I am glad I took this photo when I did, because yesterday when I walked past it, I noticed a jackrabbit had eaten off the top part of it. It doesn't nearly look quite this good. Well, jackrabbits have to eat, too. I can't really blame them, this flower does look good enough to eat!

Another new oil painting.


julie king said...

it is such a lovely shade of orange. i can see why you have your heart set on that one! the flowers look quite frail they they maybe would only last a short period of time.

your new oil painting is very thought-provoking for me. i keep looking at it and wondering if a storm is brewing or if there is a forest fire. i love the questions that come to mind and also the possibility of the answers.

Patricia said...

Gorgeous oil painting, Karine!
We have a smaller version of your flower called poppy mallow, and I've only seen it in pink and yellow. It's interesting to see how much stronger vegitation is in your neck of the woods.
Thanks for playing along with us Off The Highway!

Karine said...

wow, beautiful flowers!

Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful painting, Karine. I think the close-up of the orange mallow would make a gorgeous painting too.

Carmen said...

Gorgeous piece!