Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One day of life in the desert

Today was an eventful day here in the high desert.  It started out with a soggy walk with the dog and M.  Along the way, I spied a fairly large lizard, frozen still.  It was half covered in mud.  We weren't sure if it was alive, so I gently touched the end of its tail with Pono's leash.  That touch was enough to cause the lizard to come to life, slowly releasing itself from the mud.  It was still cold outside, so the lizard hadn't warmed up much; its movements were strangely slow.  It looked primordial, raising its limbs high to free them from the heavy wet sand.  M suggested we move it out of the road, so he held the struggling, curious dog while I carefully picked up the lizard.  I was wearing gloves, but holding that lizard in my hands was a special feeling - like the first time you picked up a snake or lizard as a child.  I gently set it down, out of harm's way - near a clump of Mormon Tea, but out where the sun could warm its chilled body.  Can you believe this happened the ONE DAY I don't have my camera with me????!!!!???  Dagnabbit.  I have so wanted to post a fantastic lizard photo, and I blew it.  BLEW IT!  At least I can describe it to you.  Very cool desert encounter.

Next, we had one of the ugliest, mangiest coyotes EVER come for a visit at the house.  I was blow-drying my hair when I saw its reflection in the mirror.  It was right outside the bedroom sliding glass door.  I made the mistake of yelling "Oh my GOD!" and woke up the sleeping Pono, who, in his haste to get at it, crashed into the sliding glass door, barking furiously.  Needless to say, the mangy coyote did not linger.  Once again, no camera.  (what is the world coming to???)

Into the studio, where I became engrossed.  Once again, the sky darkened and the rain fell.  Such an amazing gift, to have TWO DAYS of rain IN A ROW!!!  We have gotten just a little over 2 inches of rain in two days!!!  Yeee-haaaw!  I did find myself staring out the window at the rain, when I spotted another really wet coyote, coming down the driveway.  This time I did grab my camera, and was able to run through the house and meet the young coyote in the backyard.  (well, I was looking through the window.)  It was picking up a stick I had tossed for Pono hours earlier, and if Pono had been awake, I know he would have been VERY upset about that.  It tossed the stick into the air and then loped off.  It seemed so dog-like that I had to remind myself that it WAS a coyote, wild as they come.  Crazy.

Here are some photos of the aftermath of all that rain.  Enjoy!


ArtPropelled said...

Such an energizing post! Isn't it frustrating when that happens? No camera at the most photogenic moments.... story of my life! Wild creatures can surprise us with their antics. Sweet how the coyote tossed the stick like a dog....well it is a dog I suppose. The monkeys in my garden are so human. The way they repremand their children! I almost expect them to say . No TV tonight!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Oh forgot to say I really like the underpainting.

High Desert Diva said...

I never seem to have my camera with me when I need it, either.

Glad you got some of the wet stuff!

High Desert Diva said...

Per your comment:
Snow, eh? Welcome to winter in the desert like we have in Central OR.

Becca said...

Amazing how you're having so much rain...hopefully you'll have wonderful desert flowers soon! I also really love your painting in progress...even as it. It's very stunning.