Monday, February 15, 2010

The Crescent Moon

I was just outside, getting lost in the night sky.  It is my favorite kind of moon tonite: the barest sliver of a moon, looking just like the thin smile of Alice's Cheshire cat.  It was low on the horizon, and I felt like I could see the warm, faint outline of the full moon in the clear desert sky.  Fantastic.

Here is another new abstract for you.   I don't know how it looks on your screen, but on mine it needs more green.  If I weren't so tired, I would go back and adjust the colors a little.  There is a pale green in this painting, in addition to the grey and blue areas.  It measures 24 x 30 inches and is oil on canvas.  I have called it "Showtime."

Out on the morning walk with Mr. Pono today, I was excited to see little bits of green popping up all over.  Pono took off, huffing after some smell or another and came back with a paw full of cholla spines.  As I bent over to flick them off with a stick, I saw this:
I may be mistaken, but I am pretty sure these are the leaves of the desert hyacinth!!!  A beautiful, dainty little desert blossom.  (yeah, I know that another common name for them is "Bluedicks."  I know!  They are much too lovely for me to call them that.)I cannot wait until things start blooming.  With all of the rain we have had, it should be a magical spring.  Don't worry, I will do my best to get tons and tons of photos for you. 

More paintings are in progress.  I hope you all had a spectacular day!


Patricia said...

How lovely to think we're enjoying the same moon, despite the distance between us.
Warm squeezy spring-time hugs my dear artist friend-

bigBANG studio said...

karine, i LOVE your moon. last night (laaaate last night) when i was driving back from the studio i looked up and saw that amazing sliver of moon. we called them toenail moons when were little.

look at all the new work you're doing- i'm loving all this studio energy! the joshua trees really turned out beautifully, eh? i can't WAIT to see them in person.

ok, back to work. hope you guys had fun this morning. was thinking of you! xoxoxo

ArtPropelled said...

By the light of the silvery moon ....Honeymoon, keep a-shinin in june. My grandfather used to sing that ... I think.
Your moon is glorious. Don't think it needs anything, but you're the artist.

Laura Bray said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll see you at Art & Soul. Don't worry about your trades! It's a very supportive group and I'm willing to bet yours are terrific. Have a safe journey.

kate smudges said...

I'm with you on the name of the Desert Hyacinth. It doesn't seem fair for them to be called "Bluedicks". I'll be checking in often to see the desert spring unfold in your blog. I had fun checking out your latest paintings. Your work is so beautiful.

(Am hoping that M. is not without work for long ~ & then you can keep painting!)

Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful new abstract, has a very mysterious yet calming feeling to it.

I just saw the first signs of spring here too...and it's about time because this has been one heck of a Colorado winter!