Friday, March 26, 2010

North Wind Blows

The sun is shining, but when one steps outside, the wind bites a bit too much.  At least for this desert girl.  Nevertheless, the blooms of the desert are reassuring, reminding of the inevitable change from winter to spring.  Soon, it will be hot hot hot. 

A new monotype. 

The last blossoms of the purple flowering vine in the front yard, which smell exactly like grape kool-aid.
And finally, the stems of the desert trumpet, curious and wonderful.
Happy Friday, all of you darling readers!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Spring is magic in the desert as how do those plants create such magnificent blossoms in such a harsh climate .My little stone succulents are blooming Hugs Julie

julie Haymaker thompson said...

29 palms My sisters dogs name is Lily lovekin . Lovekin is so close to 29 palms and she named it after that exit on the freeway!!??