Monday, April 5, 2010

Showing art, selling art

Until May first, a collection of my recent animal-inspired monotypes will be on display at the 29 Palms Inn Restaurant.  My monotypes hang on one wall, with photographs by Bruce Miller on the opposite wall.  Happily, I needed to bring new monotypes to the Inn on Friday, since some have sold.  While M and I were there, we had the chance to meet some of the waitstaff and the Executive Chef, Bear.  Everyone we met was friendly and helpful, and I hope to go back and eat one day soon.  If you are in the area, do stop by for a bite to eat and some art viewing.  The restaurant has a garden behind it, and fresh produce from the garden is used for items on the menu.  Everything I saw made me think the 29 Palms Inn Restaurant is a good place to eat.  (I imagine it is also a wonderful place to spend a few days, or weeks, as well!)  The Executive chef, Bear.

Here is a photo of the front entrance of the Inn.  I wish I had taken a photo of the garden - it was impressive!  I was too busy ogling to remember my camera, apparently.

I have spent a frustrating day, doing research on how I can take credit cards for people wanting to buy art from me using a credit card.  I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that credit card processing for a small business owner, such as an artist, is an expensive and rather complicated endeavor.  No matter which website I encountered, the standard selling point is "we have no hidden fees."  Yeah, WHATEVER.   No longer do I believe anything I read until I have read the fine print.  And I have yet to be able to take credit cards.  Any of you artists out there have some advice, recommendations, or words of wisdom???  I am open to them!  

We had a busy and travel-filled past week.  I will be catching you up on the latest adventures this week.  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, and that you didn't eat to much Easter Candy.   


Abby Creek Art said...

Hope you had a great Easter as well! Congrats on the show at the Inn...I bet your work looks AWESOME in there!

Dolores said...

It looks like a wonderful venue to show your work.

ArtPropelled said...

I should imagine anything you paint with a roadrunner in it would sell. They are so appealing. I'm also having payment headaches since South Africa doesn't do PayPal. If they did it would make things a lot easier. Good luck with finding an easy way around the credit card issue.

pRiyA said...

...Wish I could swoop down and see all your work hanging there at the inn and tuck into a garden grown meal.

pRiyA said...

That's a beautiful monotype. I really like its muted colours.

Tina Bluefield said...

Have you looked at PayPal?