Thursday, December 16, 2010

Drive to the airport, Bali

After we had been in Bali for a few days, it was time to travel to our next destination - the island of Flores.  We had to repeat the winding 3 hour van ride to the airport, but this time I was prepared, and managed to take some photos as we zipped along the narrow roads. 

Apparently, the rice fields in Bali are rather famous, and you can read more about the irrigation of the rice fields by visiting a really nice article on a travel website here and Wikipedia here. I found the terraced rice fields incredibly beautiful, and we didn't even see the ones that are supposed to be "most photogenic."  We spent most of our time under water (which was also amazing, but in a different way.)  I could see how one could spend so much more time in Bali, exploring more of what this island has to offer. 
Despite the frequency with which I saw women carrying heavy loads on their heads, this was the only photo I took, as we whipped past in the airport van.  That's what happens when I have too much water in my ear.

Despite the lack of photographs from our scuba dives, I have to tell you how much fun we had, especially when we went to the wreck of the Liberty and another dive where we saw garden eels - creepy!  I have an eternal love of fish that was greatly reinforced with every dive we did.  We only had a few problems - a pair of broken sunglasses, a broken bikini, a watch that went diving and wasn't supposed too.... nothing that couldn't be forgotten with a lounge chair next to the infinity pool.  It was a little hard to say goodbye to our resort on Bali, but we knew more adventures awaited.
Puri Wirata


ArtPropelled said...

How wonderful! After purchasing a book on Bali Style many years ago I have been dying to visit and then reading Eat, Pray, Love made me drool all the more. Those rice field's are so beautiful aren't they?!

Cynnie said...

What beautiful greens...what light...this is fun reading about your trip.

Patricia said...

Thanks for taking us along on your trip, Karine. Looking back, can you hardly believe you were there?