Monday, April 11, 2011

Roadrunner farewell

I have arrived in Bangkok.  Finally.  I have yet to take a single photograph, even though I have been here for two days.  Instead, I will share with you some photos of the roadrunner who came for a drink the day I left Joshua Tree.

The photos would probably be better, if I had gotten a chance to clean my windows, as I had planned.  Getting ready for travel is busy work, however.  I am here in Bangkok for the next couple of weeks.  Overjoyed to see M, who says hello.  I am devising ways to smuggle him home with me at the end of my visit.  It's enough to sit here in a chair and gaze at him.  WOW, did I miss him!!!

After sixteen hours in the car and then nearly 20 hours in airplanes and airports, I have decided to share my list of comparisons between these two forms of travel.  Likes and Dislikes.

Car travel:
1.  Car travel is nice because you can stop when your butt hurts, get out and walk around, breathing fresh air.  That's nice.

2.  You can bring a lot more more unnecessary items with you, and no one paws through them or charges you extra for the 5 heavy books.
3.  Your 75 pound dog can recline in the back seat and drool on the windows.
4.  It takes forever to get anywhere, but the views are nice.
5.  You can't sleep, unless you are the passenger.
6.  There are no movies to pass the time, and no free bags of pretzels.
7.  If someone farts, you can roll down the window.  (Not that I ever do that, but sometimes the dog does.)
8.  If you don't like the menu, you can drive a bit more and get a different one.
9.  You have to pay attention (as the driver.)
10.  It's not as loud as airplanes are.

Air travel:
1.  You can't take as much stuff with you.  (well, you can, but it's a hassle and not really worth it, IMHO.)
2.  For some inexplicable reason, walking fast on moving walkways is immensely entertaining.  (I will often walk the length of the terminal on moving walkways while waiting for my flight, it's THAT MUCH FUN.)
3.  The people watching is unbeatable!
4.  It takes a lot less time to get places.
5.  You can fly over oceans.
6.  If your butt gets sore, it's harder to walk around and relieve the pain.
7.  If someone farts, you can't roll down the window.
8.  Free pretzels and sodas.
9.  You can sleep.  (well, sometimes you can.  It's helpful to have earplugs, an eyeshade and an inflatable pillow.)
10.  Your 75 pound dog doesn't get to travel with you.

The journey was pretty uneventful, except for a catastrophe in a bathroom in Narita, Japan, when my passport went for a brief swim in the toilet.  (the toilet had been flushed, but still - ICK.)

I hope to have Bangkok photos soon.  Hello from Thailand, all you blog readers!


Anonymous said...

I love your list. Item #10, your dog not being able to go is the reason we bought a little travel trailer. Taking trips w/o our 10 pound dog is too difficult. We miss her too much. Darned doggie.

Safe travels Karine! Can't wait to see pictures!

Patty said...

Hilarious story about your passportl. Handle with gloves from now on!!
Enjoy your time with M, you've earned it!

Paula said...

So glad you arrived safely. Recent company raved about your paintings [in our dining room] so we think of you every day. Try to avoid dropping things into questionable places ... we want you home and healthy !