Friday, December 9, 2011


"Vision." Monotype, 7 x 5 inches.

This brand-spanking-new monotype was delivered to Art of Framing in San Diego on Wednesday, along with some other new monotypes and small paintings. I even managed to do a small amount of exploring in San Diego, which was a major step for me. (I am terrified of the city, and in particular, the traffic.) I found a wonderful little cluster of galleries in a part of town called "Little Italy." I hope to go back when I have a little more time, and maybe when I can convince a friend to go with me.

Got some REALLY exciting news: M might actually be coming home tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa! I had to spend the day clearing paintings and boxes out of the way, so that he doesn't feel like his whole house has been overtaken with art. Even after a day of working on this particular task, I realize he may still feel like his whole house has been overtaken with art. It's his own fault, for leaving me alone with paint and brushes for such a long time. Right? Right.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. I am thankful to you all, for reading and for your comments and feedback.


Denny1600 said...

Loving your art!

Hooray for your M coming home! I'm sure he won't mind art everywhere so long as he's home! I know you'll enjoy being together again.

All the best!


Paula said...

We should/could take a day trip someday to LA art or SD or the Hungtington or ??? of course only when M is away. I'm so happy he is coming home.

Annie said...

So happy for you! Have a wonderful
homecoming! xoxo

Patty said...

Oooohh how lovely for you! Warmest wishes for a snuggly homecoming. Don't worry about the boxes, I doubt he'll notice.

Anke Martin said...

Hi Karine! I love the new elements in your paintings! This one reminds me on a tasty cupcake, but dont' ask me why, maybe the colors or the 'cheery' on top, lol. And before I forget, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a great start into the NEW YEAR.
Smiles, Anke :)