Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sequim, WA

I disappeared to a small town in Washington last week. Visited my sister and her family for Thanksgiving. I got my fill of leaves, water, and gray skies. Sequim is a lovely town, with abundant farm animals, old barns, and friendly faces. Moss grows on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. It will never cease to amaze me how one can now jump on a airplane, and in one day travel from a dry, dusty desert to a town of rain and green green green. GREEN.

 Next time I am going back for berry season. Doesn't that sound fun?

I have discovered the advantages and drawbacks to traveling with a Kindle. They are as follows:
can carry more than one book and not strain back or shoulder, while lugging things around airports
the little light comes in handy (on my cover)
No one knows what I am reading by the cover
The battery lasts a long time
I can download another book anywhere there is a 3G connection

I have to stop reading during takeoff and landing
The books I REALLY want to read cost as much on the Kindle as they would if I bought the actual book.
One must remember to bring the cord to charge it
No cover art. (i miss this!)
No pages (for those of us who are into the tactile qualities of reading a book

Overall, I like the Kindle for travel, because it is lightweight and convenient. I'm just sayin'.


Cynthia Anderson said...

Thanks for the comments on the Kindle! I'm thinking about getting one. It's good to hear the pros and the cons from an actual user. Cynthia

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I live in the next town over from Sequim. Yes, its very moist!

Marjorie said...

Welcome back to dry, dusty, cold, grey(for today), beautiful, Joshua Tree!

pRiyA said...

Good to know your point of view about the kindle. The book cover factor bothers me too though.
Moss grows everywhere? Sounds like a place I'd like to live in. Enjoyed the pictures.

Karine said...

Hi all,
Thanks for the comments! Yes, the Kindle definitely has my vote for travel. Especially airplane travel, when you are trying not to carry so much. At home, I still prefer a real book with pages. Old fashioned? Probably.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures of the wetness makes me want to move north. I would love more 'weather' in my world.

I like your thoughts on the Kindle, Karine. I too enjoy a cover and even the smell of a paperback. I still read paper books, but that Kindle is so easy to tote. I don't think you're old-fashioned. I think there is room in a world for media, any which way you digest it is fine. Right? As long as you continue to read, it's all good.

Terry V.