Friday, May 11, 2012


No matter what anyone might say about it, art is not created in a vacuum. My art is heavily influenced by my surroundings, and I also need to take time away from my art every now and then to refuel that creative engine. I draw inspiration from books, music, other artists, and travel. The reason you haven't heard much from me lately is because I have been trying to fill up my tank. Hopefully, I will have more to give you once my imagination tank is full.

Last week, we loaded the dog into the VW camper van and went camping with some friends in the Mohave National Preserve. It is a fairly short drive from our home in Joshua Tree. I have driven past the area so many times, and never did I imagine there was such beauty tucked away behind those mountains! Wow. It is now probably getting too hot to do much more camping in this area, but when the weather cools down again in the fall, I would recommend giving this area a good exploring. I hope to go back!

Here is just a small sampling of what we saw:

I also had the good fortune to see an exhibition of Richard Deibenkorn's Ocean Park Series at the Orange County Museum of Art. The exhibition is up until the 27th of May. If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. There is nothing that can compare to seeing original works of art in person. This was the first time I had ever seen one of those paintings in person, and I will say that the experience was powerful. I am still absorbing those paintings and the impression they left on me will not fade anytime soon.


pRiyA said...

Karine, those pics of Mojave National Preserve are really super. Just look at all those variety of cactii growing in the wild!!! Stunning. I think there is nothing more wholesome and vibrant than a cactus flower.
Regarding those bees, I have ones with shiny pale blue stripes visiting the begonias in my garden.
You really live in a different universe from me!

bigBANG studio said...

Aw, K, these gorgeous pictures make my heart burst. Miss you so much. Owe you a long note- your birthday letter was SO thoughtful and beautiful-

Anywho, glad you got ole' Gordita out for a spin and got some real hi-dez spring wilderness in. Love you! xo

Anonymous said...

Near "Hole in the Wall"?? Those mountains look like it--very cool. Visit nearby Mitchell caverns if you like caves!! Not a bad one.

Janis Commentz

Patty said...

Such beauty!! And so very different from my corner of the world. Your eye sees much, my friend.

Karine said...

Hello Priya - I would love to see a photo of bees with shiny pale blue stripes! Indeed, our worlds are so different from each other.

Lily - how nice to have a comment from you! Miss you!

Hi Janis - Sad that we can't visit Mitchell Caverns. Maybe someday.

Patty - I do think it is the duty of the artist to "see" what others don't.

ArtPropelled said...

The scenery and plant life is out of this world! Your trip must have been a great help in replenishing your imagination tank. Nice thought!