Monday, July 9, 2012


I have been posting on this blog for the better part of six years. SIX YEARS. Recently, I have been wondering if I should continue. Is my writing stale? Has the world of blogging been replaced by facebook and twitter? Maybe our short attention spans and busy, busy lives are no longer in need of blogs. Are my reasons for posting on this blog good enough for me to keep going? What are my reasons for keeping this blog? I have been asking myself these questions over and over again. I have no answers just yet. I will keep asking these questions, and until I find what I am looking for, I will keep on writing and posting, albeit sporadically. If you read my blog and enjoy it, maybe you can help me out. What do you like? what do you want to see more of? less of? What keeps you coming back? What might keep you away?

One thing I know for certain: when I tell myself "I must blog more regularly", I find that I don't want to do it at all. If it isn't fun and I don't have a real reason to post, I won't post. That seems fair. If it means my readership suffers, well then so be it. I find that with each passing year, my willingness to conform to what others think I should do seems to be fading. Perhaps even disappearing altogether. I still hope to be able to listen to constructive criticism and benefit from it. I want to know what people think! I want to know what you think! Can I get advice and still follow my own path? I think so.

Last week, I received an unexpected package in the mail. When I rushed home to open it, this is what I found inside:

WOW!!! Copies of The War of Art and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield! Now is that a cool package to receive or what?!? (Thanks Callie!) I picked up the new book, Turning Pro, immediately and began reading. Apparently, Steve Pressfield and Shawn Coyne have teamed up and started a new publishing house called Black Irish. To quote Shawn Coyne in the forward of Turning Pro: "We intend to publish steak-and-potato kind of books whose aim is to inspire, encourage, and fortify those artists, entrepreneurs, and athletes whose ambition is not to stand on the sidelines, waiting for permission from others, but to take their destiny in their own fists -- to pursue their heart's calling and make it work." I love that. Those are the kinds of books I love! Best of luck to Misters Pressfield and Coyne with this new venture.

Now, I love my copy of The War of Art. It lives in my studio and is often required reading when I am struggling. But I don't need two copies. I would rather another artist/writer/musician/dancer/human being find the same enlightenment I have from it. And so, in honor of six years of blogging, a new exciting publishing house and my recent birthday, I have decided it is time for a giveaway. Leave your comments here, or email me. Feedback about my blogging is welcome and encouraged but not required. I will enter your name in a drawing for this brand new copy of The War of Art, from Black Irish publishing!

I will apologize in advance for the confusing and irritating mystery code required for comment leaving by blogger. Every time I think I am going to change that setting, I get a spam comment. I am reluctant to turn my blog into a platform for another evil spammer. Please bear with the imperfections, and leave a comment. Or email me:


Diana said...

Hi Karine....I sent you an email. In the meantime, put ME in for the book drawing and keep on blogging :-)

Cynthia Schelzig said...

wow six years! I know what you are saying and I think we have all asked ourselves the same questions at one time or another. I don´t think anyone should feel pressured to blog about their art or whatever it is they are blogging about. It should be your account of what you want to blog about and when we start worrying or wondering what "they" might want to see or read or whatever then we turn into a slave to our to speak. I think when it becomes a chore and is no longer fun then we have to seriously consider some things but till then...go with the flow,,,show us your fabulous paintings,,,show us the beautiful desert life filled with rabbits and lizards and all those fascinating critters and beautiful mountains...
these books look interesting...I would gladly read a copy. Here is to your next six years,,,,ok:)

Dolores said...

Yes, please do keep on blogging. I'd love a copy of the book.

Annie said...

I turned off the mystery code and have received no spam thankfully.
I could have written this post. I think lack of time is the only reason I don't come here and other blogs more often, also I like blogs that don't post a lot, it means I can at least attempt to keep up :-).
Happy belated Birthday!
Count me in on the giveaway.

pRiyA said...

Congrats on 6 years of blogging Karine. I remember when I first started blogging in 2007 you would comment on every one of my posts and that was so encouraging. You are one of my oldest blog friends.
This year I've read many self-development books and they have been wonderful in changing my attitude on so many things. I'd like to try my luck at winning this one.

Patty said...

We stand in the same shoes. I decided I blog because, like broccoli, it's good for me.
I love your photographs and accounts of living in the desert.
I love seeing your artwork.
I would love to know more about how and why you paint the way you do.
I have my own well-worn copy of A/F, so feel free to pass me over, but thanks for sharing your soul-touching post!

Paula said...

Hi Karine ... I like your blog because it allows me to glimpse into your head and art ... keeps me feeling like we talk even when we don't ... I would LOVE the book ... remembered I really want to read it when I read your post ...

YOu manage to keep the blog focused on art and your environment rather than the mundane ... and I like it for that.

x0x0x Paula

Deb Ammerman said...

I would miss you if you stopped blogging. You have been so friendly and supportive. Maybe if you think about why you originally started to blog, what has changed? Are you doing anything differently? I don't think it should be a burden or chore. I blog because I love sharing my experiences and I love the feedback I get. It also helps me to keep track of the progress I am making, like a journal. The people that come to my blog have become "friends"... I don't post everyday if I am too busy, and my friends understand. I have a facebook account, and I have friends there too, but it's different. I hope you continue to blog Karine.

As far as the book drawing goes, I would love to be included in the drawing. :)

Anonymous said...

6 years is a long time to share your life with strangers as well as friends, and strangers who become friends. 6 years is a long time to do anything.

If you're pushing through and making yourself blog, and it's not fun or giving back to you, then why do it?

I'm enjoying the pictures of your paintings, stories about Pono and your travels. You have a lot of fans out here in blog land. (no pressure to continue.)

Do what your heart says. Take a break, maybe?

We'll be here when you get back.

Terry V.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'd like to be in your book drawing too.

Terry V.

Maggi said...

I just found your blog through Carla Sonheim and would be very disappointed if you were to give up altogether. I find your work and your insights inspiring but don't let blogging become a chore. Talk to us when you want to and when you feel you have something you want to say. I would love a copy of the book but as a new follower I don't feel that I earned my inclusion into the draw.

ArtPropelled said...

Congrats on 6 years, Karine! I love the fact that your blog is the story of your life as an artist in a part of the world that I don't know and I really appreciate your thoughts about the creative process as well as reading about the creatures that hop in and out of your day. Very glad you are not giving up your blog!