Monday, July 30, 2012

The Eastern Sierras

Sometimes, you just need to pack up the dog, some food and hiking boots and drive the VW camper van up to cooler climes. You drive until the air outside the car window comes in cool, and then you turn towards the mountains. You find a nice place to camp, and then hike up to the closest lake you can find. (Dogs must be cooled off.)
Aren't ya comin?

This is the part where Pono remembers how to swim.

We spent a few nights camping with friends where there was enough green to quench dehydrated desert eyes. Wildflowers lined the roadside, and a longing for our former home in Colorado was awakened. We remembered what it feels like to hike up a mountain at altitude with a pack. (pant, pant) We ate food grilled on a campfire. We lounged in chairs, filling nostrils with the scent of pine. Yes, it was a good time. It could have been longer, but then isn't that the nature of a getaway? I think so.

We're back.


Cynthia Schelzig said...

What fabulous shots! Pono look s great in the water too:) We just returned from an alpen lake getaway...ahhhhhh coooooool fresh air is right!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Pono! What a great escape from the desert.

Patty said...

Pono's photo made me laugh out loud. What joy! We're broiling here in the central part of the country too, so your images are a welcome relief.
Oh, and I'm really glad you're back.