Thursday, February 7, 2013


The days go something like this:
1. Get up
2. Drink caffeine
3. Put contact lenses in
4. Get dressed/walk or run with dog
5. Eat
6. Laundry and email catch up
7. Studio
8. Eat
9. Studio
10. Go to bed and dream about paintings


Then you have to add the other "stuff" like:
1. Sweeping and mopping
2. shopping for food
3. Buying dog food
4. Dermatologist appointment
5. Hanging another show at JTAG
6. Updating the website
7. creating inventory lists for galleries
8. Shipping sold paintings (yay!!)
9. Visiting galleries to make sure they feel loved
10. photographing art
11. cleaning the bathroom
12. Dusting
13. etc.
14. etc.
15. oh, and I do occasionally shower.


But then there's this, still wet and just off the easel:
"Strict Carnivore." Oil on canvas, 35 x 40 inches. ©2013
Happy Thursday, all you crazy cats!


Patty said...

Oh Karine!! I love this! Absolutely. There is an artful sense of humor mixed with great design and of course immense talent. Bravo!

Karine Swenson said...

Patty, thank you so much. Your comment means a lot to me! To know that another artist - one that I admire - loves this painting is golden! (especially when it's a painting that I suffered over.) ;)