Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Desert in Outrageous Bloom

I have been working so hard in the studio that I think I have finally hit a creative wall. I think I actually have to take a day off! (whoa.) I know, but there's nothing else that can be done. I tried to paint a cottontail rabbit today - nothing new, nothing I haven't tackled before - and I just couldn't make it work. There was frustration. There was a throwing of a brush. There were breaths drawn to calm down. More working...getting more awful by the brushstroke. I finally had to WALK AWAY. Sit down in a different room. Gather myself. And then, I went back and wiped the whole painting off. (oh yes I did!)

So I have decided to write you here, my dear blogger friends. Hi. I promised to share with you some photos of the Joshua Trees in bloom. I am going to do that, and I am also going to share some photos of the Mojave Yucca blooms. We've got one in front of our house that is exploding with flowers. Astonishing flowers. Here are the Joshua Tree blooms (and one bud):

Here are the Astonishing Mojave Yucca Blooms:

Taken in the last light of the day - so delicate

Don't you LOVE them?

Send me your encouraging words, as you have done before. Please. Since delivery for my April show is less than two weeks away. And I need to have at least two more (preferably three!) paintings. (And this is oil paint we're talking about here.)


Anonymous said...

Karine ... after you do some pranayama ... take a walk ... then run ... then read a wonderful book to get your mind enthralled ... then eat a delicious meal and go to bed. Maybe do that for a second day if needed .. and even a third day. The next morning return to the studio with a fresh mind.
All work and no play makes Jill a very dull girl ! Paula

Deb Ammerman said...

I agree with Paula, get away from the studio for a little while. The stress of the dead-line is getting to you. Maybe do a little abstract painting that is not for the show, just something for yourself... turn some music on and go wild with it. :)

Patty said...

Ahhhh, deadlines. You did just what was needed, sharing your beautiful photos. Not only are the variety of flora in the desert very beautiful, the way you see them and photgraph them are lucious. Hopefully we'll have our own...in 4 months!

Anonymous said...

I find I'm inspired to do my sewing, jewelry making, or crocheting by sitting here at my desk pushing papers day after day. When I'm at my regular job I find my mind wandering to every other creative thing I've ever done, and wish I had time to do, and then I get home my inspiration is gone. Sapped out of me by the powers that be making me push papers.

So, my words of wisdom - even though they're silly - sit at a desk and push papers. Pay bills, read Council agendas, and your mind will wander to the creative stuff you'd rather be doing. It works for me day after day after day. Maybe it'll work for you?

I do hope whatever inspiration you find comes soon. No pressure.


Sharon Gorberg said...

Hi Karine,
I Am a mixed media collage artist and a recent student of Carla Sonheim.
She mentioned you on FB today and what a wonderful time I had browsing your website! I spent a lot of time in what I guess you would call the "low" dessert of the Scottsdale Az are and love the landscape. I ADORE your rabbits and other animals.
The photos in this post are amazing. Isn't nature grand?!
So glad I discovered you.
Sharon Gorberg suburban Boston Ma

Karine Swenson said...

Hi Everyone,
I thank you for your words!

Sharon - Hi and thanks for stopping by! Carla is pretty wonderful, isn't she? The desert near Scottsdale, AZ is much different from our desert. They get more rain, for one thing. Yes, I do thing nature is an endless source of inspiration!