Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We love spring

The weather has been warm and glorious here in the desert, these past few days. Things are starting to bud and bloom. The Joshua Trees are covered in buds. I have already seen a few of them in full, wonderful bloom. Photos will be forthcoming.

I am in the studio, frantically trying to make up for time I spent waiting for the well-worth-it letter from Japan. Now that I have a green light, I want to paint more of the Iwako erasers. I forgot, in my last post, to send a link to the company that makes the little animal erasers I have been painting. It is a great website, and if you have a moment, I highly recommend visiting. Click here for a visit to the Iwako, Co, Ltd. website.

I need to get painting, so here are a few glimpses of spring in my yard:

And one new painting:

"Well Defined." Collage, acrylic and oil on board, 9 x 12 inches. ©Karine Swenson2013

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