Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Bald Tailed Coyote

This morning I saw my first family of quail with scurrying chicks!!! It was so exciting that I stayed at the window for awhile to see if they would come closer. Slowly but surely, they were making their way closer to me and my camera when out of the desert comes a coyote, scattering the quail and causing quite a din! The coyote turned and I realized he (she?) was either recovering from mange or just beginning to get it. No fur on tail!!! I was able to snap two quick photos before the sight of me through the window frightened Ms. Bald Tail away. Just another day in the desert.....

I am kind of hoping this coyote was recovering from the mange, because I do always enjoy seeing a healthy coyote. I saw Bald Tail again this afternoon, while out with Pono, and fortunately I saw him/her before Pono did. (I was able to grab Pono the dog and prevent him from a good coyote chase.)

I am almost wondering if this is the same young coyote who visited the backyard last year with even less fur:

I also have a pigeon (I know, a PIGEON?!!???) that's been trying to take over a dove's nest under the eaves in the back of the house. Crazy bird!!! I have resorted to scaring the pigeon away with a broom, when I see her. I don't know why she thinks she can take over someone else's nest. And you thought only people were nuts.

In the studio, I am progressing on the new series with a new format:

"Convergence." Oil on canvas, 36 x 12 inches. 
I will be shipping three of the new abstracts to The Red Arrow Gallery in Nashville, TN tomorrow!!! How exciting!! (Thanks, Katie!)

Happy Mother's Day, to all of you Mothers out there!!!


Annie said...

I hope that coyote is okay. Crazy pigeon, maybe she thinks she is a dove :-).
Lovely new painting.

Anonymous said...

Even though it's a wily coyote, I hope he's on the mend.