Thursday, April 19, 2007

life in the slow lane

I say it's the slow lane, because I am getting sick of how slowly this move of ours is going. We did get an offer on our house this week, but it doesn't look like it will happen, because the mother loves the house, and the son (I guess they were going to buy it together) does not. So there's that.

I am having trouble doing any art. I sit down to make some cardboard bugs and things for the monotypes, but I can't seem to actually get myself to create anything. I am finding myself reluctant to make a mess, since it seems like when my mess is in full swing, THAT is when they call and some realtor wants to show the house (in 15 minutes, to boot!) So I clean the whole mess up, put it all away, the house is shown, and then I have trouble re-creating my mess again. Being in limbo is fun for only a short time. Then, I want my space back, I want to settle in and make the messes that lead to the art. I don't know why the two go hand in hand, but they do.

I bought myself some long-stemmed tulips as a consolation for my dilemna. They are so beautiful, that I am actually finding it satisfying, just sitting at the table, looking at them. It's as though I am drinking their beauty with my eyes. Fresh flowers like these are as intoxicating as wine.

I have been doing some sketching in my sketch books, and if I can get one to scan well enough, perhaps I will share it with you. That will be a first, since I am usually very private about my sketches. It remains to be seen.

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Abby Creek Art said...

Karine, I can see why it's hard right now for you to create when you don't have your "space". Making a big mess is part of the process.

I've been nuts about flowers lately too and have at least two bunches in the house at all times by my pictures of Abby. The flowers seem to soften the blow of things and provide some much needed simple beauty.

Enjoy your weekend! xo