Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Snow

I woke up this morning to about 2 or 3 more inches of snow. Yeah, SNOW!!! It's not that it is uncommon to have snow in Colorado in April, but I am kind of getting sick of it. The thing about snow at this time of year is that it is the wettest stuff. I had big, waterproof boots, a waterproof ski coat, and gloves on when I took the dog for his walk, and I was still quite wet when we got home. We didn't stay out for more than an hour, either. That is short for us!!! Good thing we didn't stay out more, or I would have been a drippy, cold mess. I did try to get a photo of snow falling for you. These were those big, huge flakes, the kind that seem more like feathers than snow, they are so big. When they land on your nose, you can almost hear the "splat".

I haven't posted in so long, that I have some fun photos of a baby pony for you. These are from last Thursday, when I got a chance to hang out with the "girls". We went to Joyful Journey, which is a wonderful hot springs closeby. Nothing like a good soak and time with the girls to make you feel human once more. It was just what the doctor ordered, and on our way home, my friend Padgett McFeely showed us the CUTEST baby pony. I mean, the kind of thing that's so cute you almost can't stand to look at it. Since Padgett is a photographer, I let her take these photos of the little cutie. Don't you just want to hug and kiss him? (Her? We didn't check...)


Abby Creek Art said...

How can anything be THAT cute?! Take at look at this video of "Cash" the blind pony from my favorite animal rescue sanctuary...you'll love it. http://rollingdogranch.typepad.com/rolling_dog_ranch_animal_/2007/04/cash_and_the_zi.html

Can you believe that weather yesterday!? Enough already!:o

Anonymous said...

Very cute pony pictures. Love baby animals. We have baby calves all over the place out here in WA state. My kids love to see the newborns! Love, love, love your bugs. They are fabulous. You'll be happy to know, your neice has been chosen to go to a regional art fair with a picture of flowers. Perhaps it runs in the family??? love and miss! Bfds