Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grapefruits do grow on trees!

I haven't been much in the mood for writing lately, I guess. I have been busy putting together all of my marketing materials to take to galleries. Now that we are here in a new place (California), I need to find some wonderful place to help me sell my art! I have been printing out digital images of my paintings, and burning other images to disk. I am pretty much "computered out" right now.

I did celebrate another year in my life on Sunday. It was a quiet day, and I was glad Matthias was home to spend time with. He even bought me a tiny cake with coconut for a good, solid birthday sugar fix. YUMMY!!! He only ate one small piece of it, and I am glad it was a small cake, since I managed to polish the rest of it off single-handedly. I am still recovering from the overload.

One thing we have been enjoying immensely here in the Coachella Valley is the fruit. After living in the middle of the continent, and having slim pickings for produce, it has been a welcome change to live in a place where fruit trees grow in our neighbor's yards. There are two citrus trees in the yard here at our rental house, and one pomegranate tree. There is also a tree in a yard nearby where the house stands vacant. It is LOADED with ripe grapefruits! They ripen and fall to the ground to rot. We consider it a neighborly duty to help prevent so much yard debris, so we have taken it upon ourselves to harvest a few of those tree-ripened grapefruits every other day. We usually just juice them. Let me tell you, that is the most amazing grapefruit juice! There are plenty of other yards that are littered with ripe fruit, and it is so hard to walk by, knowing that someone could be enjoying that fruit. There are plenty of birds who do take advantage of the bounty, but I find it really strange that people aren't out there, picking those grapefruits and having fresh-squeezed juice every day. Do they just get sick of it? I couldn't really say.


Abby Creek Art said...

Happy Birthday, Karine! That coconut cake sounded delish...that is probably my favorite kind of cake.

Good luck with the galleries. Your watercolor print looks great!

lee said...

Hey hope you had a great birthday. With your talent you should not have a problem finding the right gallery for you. About the fruit I know what you talking about, was just in Phoneix about a month ago and we saw all this fruit just laying on the ground, what a waste. We cant grow fruit on trees here it is way to cold.