Sunday, July 15, 2007

Travels with Pono

Pono the dog and I are in Reno, Nevada!! Matthias had a trip to Hong Kong, and his parents invited us up while he was away. So I decided it was a good idea. It gets us out of the heat for a couple of days, and gives us a chance to make the waiting for new house go a bit faster. We left on Friday, and it is about a 9 hour drive from Rancho Mirage to Reno. It is a beautiful drive, but by hour # 8 in the car, Pono was getting a little sick of it. He did very well, despite the long face.

Yesterday, Matthias' mother (Eva) and I went to visit some galleries. I thought there might be one that might help me sell some of my work. There is no one area where the galleries of Reno are are together, so it ended up being a lot of driving around. We didn't have much success, but we had fun, anyway.

Today, we went to the Nevada museum of art. There was a wonderful exhibition of Deborah Butterfield's horses. There is one large one outside the museum, and it looked hungry, so I decided to feed it. The museum is really nice. There is a gallery on the rooftop, and the view from there was wonderful. It looks to me as though they need a couple more sculptures there! I did like the ones they had. The Butterfield exhibition was marvelous. If any of you get a chance to see her work in person, I highly recommend it. Her bronzes look just like they are made of driftwood rather than bronze. Very impressive.

We also took Pono down to the Truckee river this afternoon. He had a great time, chasing sticks into the river, and basically getting everyone else wet and muddy along with him. It cooled him off nicely, and gave us a chance to hang out by the river.

For dinner, Heinz, Eva and I went to the Peppermill casino. If you don't often go into casinos, it is an onslaught to your senses. Lights everywhere, reflected on mirrored ceilings, noises from the slot machines, voices, music, etc. I like the colors of the lights, but if I went in alone, I am sure I would become easily disoriented and lost. I was glad to have experienced locals as guides. It was a fun dinner. Such a nice way to end a wonderful, busy weekend. Thanks Eva and Heinz! Pono and I will be returning to Rancho Mirage on Tuesday.

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lee said...

I thought that they were wood, I would love to see that exhibit. I have been to Reno many years ago, but really like Vegas much better. Not that I am much of a gambler but I like to shop and Vegas is it for me....I have heard it is very hot in California (my daughter just got back from a trip to Disneyland and said you just about could not stand the heat and she is a sun worshipper).