Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life gets in the way of art

I guess it is harder to post frequently in the summer! I have been reading 3 different books, and one that I am enjoying immensely is called Pictures of Nothing by Kirk Varnedoe. Thanks to my dad for giving me this book! If any of you are interested in abstract art out there, I highly recommend this book. He talks about abstract art since Jackson Pollack, and gives it a validation that I find refreshing. Even those of you who are naysayers of abstract art might enjoy reading this book. Kirk Varnedoe is the former chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art. Not "light reading" by any means, be forwarned.

I am not doing much in the way of art. With most of my brushes and paint in boxes, I am finding it difficult to open up more boxes and begin a new painting. We will be moving in about 2 weeks, so it would be unwise for me to do so, at this point. I am finding it frustrating, since I am feeling like I want to paint, but I know it will go quickly. The good thing is that once we are moved into the new place, I know I will be so anxious to paint that I should have no trouble at all. I have been focusing much more on my promotional materials during this transitional time, and I have listed a whole bunch of new art on my etsy site. I will be adding new work on etsy at least every weekend, and it is all art for under $500 at this point in time.

I have decided to give a little gift to all of those who regularly read my blog. I have some notecards with reproductions of my art listed on my etsy site. I would like you to have one! There are seven different greeting cards you can chose from. Simply go to my etsy site, choose the one you would most like to have, and then "convo", or contact me via etsy with the card you want and your address - where I can send the card. Think of it as Christmas in July, and thank you for reading my blog! Here is one of the cards I am giving away.
This offer will last until the end of July, or once I run out of cards, whichever comes first.


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Karine...well how nice of you...I am going to Etsy lickity split to order one of your beautiful cards. Thank you!

I know your frustration about not being able to paint right now. I imagine though that when you do start...some amazing things will happen and your work will spring in new exciting directions. I find that usually happens after a hiatus of any kind.

In the meantime...enjoy yourself and have fun with Pono!xoxo

kate said...

I love the pic of Pono waiting ... what incredible eyes he has. This card is beautiful. I love the colours!

The time before a move, with your things in boxes, can seem kind of long. But soon, soon you will be in your new place and finding all kinds of new things to paint. New ideas will flood in...

Sandy said...

How beautiful this is.