Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Forward

We woke up this morning and realized we forgot about spring forward. Ooops.

I am a little tired today, and not because I didn't get enough sleep. I think I am still fighting off that cold. Either that, or I am fighting off a whole new cold. Either way. I am not sick. I haven't been sick yet. I am not going to get sick. I am just saying I am tired. (and a little grumpy, obviously.) Kay? Kay.

Pono and I discovered a Joshua Tree that had a ton of flower clusters on it the other day. So here is a photo of it, but you can't see them all. Magnificent! I am so enjoying these.

Oh, and I also found a crinkly cactus near our house that is about to bloom. Matthias says it is a beavertail, but I really don't know what kind it is. I can't wait to see the blossoms! This is so exciting!

Here is a new painting. Another one. I don't seem to be much in the mood to write. This is 25 x 25 x 2.5", oil on canvas. I am still arguing with myself about the title.


priya said...

when i look at the landscape, wierd tree, strange vegetation... i have to wonder, is this from the same planet? you could be tell me this is a strange tree growing on mars and i would believe you.

the cactus is unbelievably beautiful.

kate smudges said...

I don't think I could ever see enough of the Joshua tree. It is gorgeous - I love the bark too (besides the incredible flowers). From what I've read, each of the flower pods will open up to be pollinated by the Yucca moth. The flowers have six petals and are supposed to be fragrant (with a sweet, coconut-like fragrance). I didn't realise that new branches will grow from where the flowers are (in any direction).

The cactus is really cool - I can see why it is called a beavertail. The pads do resemble beavertails.

I like this painting ... I'm enjoying the way these paintings are developing ... thank you for sharing them. I can't get enough of those colours.

I am in the same mode as you with writing. Haven't felt much like it - am fighting off a flu which felled my son these past few days. A nasty bug - so far Lytton, the dog, and I are dodging it.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!
I love seeing your photographs and your new painting. What a great way to start my day!

Abby Creek Art said...

YOU have been a painting machine, sister! Hey...interesting that you have switched from a circle to a square this time. I like the circular motion you have going in the middle. You're really producing a beautiful body of work, Karine!

High Desert Diva said...

Bleh! Nothing's blooming in this desert!

You and Pono are finding lots of good things!

Anke said...

Beautiful fotos! Looks like something is moving in your new painting, just not really visible, or dancing, could be the wind with sand.......really vibrant contrast.....looks great! Smiles, Anke ;)

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!

Thank you so much for your comments today. It really meant alot!
You are the best!

lee said...

Love that tree, and of course your paintings how do you come up with the names for them.

Anonymous said...

WoW..some very beautifully captured shots & simply love the painting...very nice!

Sherrie said...

Be well, Karine... I'm joining you in reciting the mantra, "I am not sick... I have not been sick... I will not be sick....."

Especially since you're painting!

kate said...

Just came to see what you've been up to ... I'm thinking lots of walks with Pono and taking pictures of the Joshua Tree flowers. I am fascinated by them and the way they grow and how they withstand extremes of temperature and little moisture.

Happy weekend to you!!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Karine!
I just wanted to say Hi! I hope you had a great weekend! It is snowing here.
:) m