Thursday, May 22, 2008

Camping trip to Mammoth

We have returned home. Fortunately, the weather here has cooled down, so we didn't come back to more of the over 100 degree F heat. We all enjoyed a little taste of mountains, trees, cold streams and snow. I did my best to get inside of the VW photos, however, I will admit, they leave a little something to be desired. Hopefully, you will get the idea. When the top of the camper is open, there is a space at the top of the van to lay down. You can see it is not particularly roomie, but it does work. We usually sleep in sleeping bags, but you could also just have pillows and blankets, if you preferred. I also took a photo of the tiny stove and sink. It is so nice to have them, built right in. There is a tiny refrigerator under the stove, but we usually bring a cooler as well.
(Priya, let me know if you get enough info from these photos, or if I should try again. I know they aren't that great! It is such a small space that I am finding it difficult to get far enough away so you can see how the space is used.)

Here is a photo of our first camping site. Those trees smell SOOOOO good!

I am off to a figure drawing session, or I would write more. There's always tomorrow!


lee said...

glad your back and had a great time. Our weather does not get quite to hot this early in spring. My daughter and I are thinking of going to Phoenix in a few weeks I been there before and he has been hell...I like it hot but not that hot

Guzzisue said...

we have promised that once the bike gets too big for us we will get a camper van, we need to have the freedom to come and go as we want. Hopefully we will have many more years on two wheels yet.

priya said...

thanks karine! this looks very compact. everything you need is organized in the space available. i like the sleeping area. so cozy.
i imagine that in front of the kitchen is the driver's seat where pono posed with such aplomb in an earlier picture.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

what a great vacation! i love that you guys just hit the road! how wonderful!
have a great holiday weekend!
melissa & emmitt

Lyn Bishop said...

I've always lusted after the VW Vanagon! Taro and I just returned from a two night beach camp in our new tent. Cheers to Camping!