Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The case of the missing watercolors

Today I continued my search for the missing watercolors. Since they weren't in the "drawer", I thought maybe they were in between some heavy books. Sometimes, if watercolors get a little too curly, I will flatten them out with heavy books. I had already combed through my bookcase the other day when I was looking, but today, I decided to pull every single book out of the bookcase and flip through the pages and MAKE SURE the watercolors weren't there. So that is what I did. Still, no watercolors. I have no idea where they could be, at this point. They become more precious to me with every day I cannot find them. Where ARE THEY???!!! I did scan them, so I have digital files of each one, but it's just not the same as the actual painting. I am supposed to be working on the oil paintings, but this search for those little paintings is becoming a roadblock. It is consuming me!!! help. please.

When I get too desperate about this search, the best remedy seems to be distraction. So first, I gave the dog a bath. Pono hates baths, and he makes sure I know it every moment I am scrubbing him down with dog shampoo. The sad, long - suffering eyes bore into me. The ears perk up with any sign that the ordeal may finally be over. If I take too long, he will begin to utter tiny little whines. It's as though I am skinning him, rather than rubbing him with shampoo. Despite his hatred of the actual bath, the post bath is something he loves! He gets extremely happy and loves it when I rub him all over with the towel. Usually, he has to skid around on the tile floor with his wet paws, crashing into the walls, until he gets a toy to play with during the rub down. It's pretty funny. Next time he gets a bath, I should try to get a video of it.

The best part (for Matthias and I) about Pono's bath is how soft he is afterwards. His fur is a pleasure to touch, and you simply want to sit down on the floor and rub your fingers in it. I always lean down to Pono and say "Gee, your hair smells terrific!" Wasn't that an advertisement for some shampoo ages ago on TV??? Amazing how those jingles stick in a person's head. A little frightening, too.

I leave you with some photos of the coyote melon, or cucurbita palmata. This native desert vine produces round gourds, a bit bigger than tennis balls in the fall. This one is growing outside in front of our house. I tried to find information about it, but there isn't much. Some websites say coyotes eat it, others say they do not. The websites all seem to agree that the gourds are bitter. One of the more interesting things I found out about it is that native people used to cut the gourds into slices and rub it into clothes until it began to foam, and used it to bleach and clean clothes. Here is the link, if you want to read more: http://www.heydaybooks.com/news/issues/articles/14.3.acjachemen.html As you can see, the ripe gourd is green with white stripes, but as it lays there in the hot sun, it turns a golden yellow. Eventually, it will turn a buff color, and when you shake it, you will hear the seeds rattle inside.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi karine!
my journal arrived today! it is even more beautiful than i imagined from the photos.
i absolutely adore it and it is so special that it came from you.

priya said...

i do hope you find that missing watercolour since it is a lovely one. i used to flatten mine under the mattress on my bed.
looking at pono's smile this morning has made my day and i think nature has such amazing colours, the combination of the right yellow for the melons and the perfect coloured leaves to go with it.
it's raining so much here and we could do with some sunshine.

lee said...

I love your bath story about Pono. Sofie hates the bath, usually we will take her to the groomers to avoid all the fuss she puts up. You think we were killing her with her whinning.

High Desert Diva said...

Where the heck are those watercolors???

I love freshly bathed dogs.

Interesting about the native use of those gourds.

priya said...

i'm glad for this post. i'm doing an illustration right now which requires a pumpkin leaf. these melon leaves stylized are the best reference i've found.

Karine said...

I'm so glad the coyote melon photos have been so appropriately timed, Priya! Thank you everyone, for stopping by!

Anke said...

Hi Karine, hope you find your watercolors soon......I can imagine how you feel without them. Dogs and bathes...my parents dog doesnt' like the 'cleaning' bath either but he has no problem jumping in a mud whole and take a wonderful stinky bath there.....he sure loves the getting dry rub with towl as well. Too funny how dogs are. I can imagine how Pono's hair feels, looks wonderful soft on the foto above. Really love your new watercolor painting, reminds me on a summer night, warm, blue sky and a wonderful orange sunset.
Hey those melons look from the outside delcious almost like a canalope but if they are bitter I rather don't want to taste. Thanks for sharing the fotos though. It's really interesting.
Smiles, Anke ;)