Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm back

I'm back!!! I am sorry to keep you all waiting for the report about the Studio Tours. The Wednesday after the tours, I had to go into the hospital for a minor procedure to take care of some problems I have been experiencing. I was in the hospital overnight, and have been recuperating at home since then. Don't worry, it went well and every day I feel better. So the prognosis is good! I guess I always think I can accomplish more than I really can. I was certain I would be able to get a blog post in before the hospital visit. I do apologize.

The Studio Tours were great!!! I had a really good turnout, the weather was fantastic, and I met a lot of other artists and new people. I will honestly say that the sales weren't quite what I had hoped for, but in every other way it was a great success. I am really happy I participated. If any of you who visited my studio are reading this, THANKS FOR COMING!!! I think it was a great way to introduce myself and my artwork to this community. I look forward to doing it again next year.

The fall weather in the desert has been so spectacular. I am not trying to brag, for those of you who are already freezing cold. I merely want to share with you how delightful it has been, particularly after the summer heat. The nights cool down into the 50's, and during the day it is usually in the mid-80's. It is heavenly. A few brave blossoms have emerged, and I am not sure if they are normally fall blooming, or if the bit of rain we got about a month ago was the cause. In any case, I am always delighted to see flowers in the wild.

I leave you with a photo of a roadrunner who recently visited. Here he (she?) is, staring right at us! I took another photo, when he started to run, but all I got in the frame was the end of his tail. "Beep beep, zip--BANG!!!!" So fast.


High Desert Diva said...

Glad you're back and that your hospital stay was short and successful.

Thanks for the update on the studio tours. I'm happy to hear you had such a good turnout!

I like your road runner friend.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi karine!
i missed you! i am so glad you are feeling well and that your studio tour was a great success.
i wish i could have come!
your photos are beautiful!

Red Fish Circle said...

So glad your Studio Tours went well. So sorry you weren't feeling well, but glad all is okay. Take good care of yourself:)

Hey, the only roadrunner I have ever seen was in a cartoon. That is SO cool!

Patty said...

Woo hoo! Nice to see you again, and many congrats on your studio tour-

Robyn said...

Karine I'm glad you are feeling better after your procedure. Now that's out of the way you can wallow in your art again. Don't let lower sales worry you....I find that an introduction to your work through shows always leads to later sales. I'm glad there was a good turnout. Love that roadrunner!

bindu said...

Welcome back, Karine. Hope you are feeling well now. I know what you mean about the good weather. After a blistering hot summer, we in Texas are enjoying the mild weather now too. Glad the studio tour went well. Hadn't seen a non-cartoon roadrunner before - (s)he's cute!

pRiyA said...

i'm glad you are back karine. i am a creature of habit and i have grown so used to seeing your comments on my posts and commenting on yours, so it feels good to comment here again.
i am glad that you are recovering and that the show went off well. am waiting to hear all about it.

Anke said...

HI Karine,that sounds like a great time you had on the Open Studio Weekend,I'm glad to hear that.
I send you all the get well wishes you need to recover all the way...take it easy and enjoy nature, looks beautiful in the desert. We didn't have snow yet but it's a lot colder already......can't wait for spring.....already, lol, I will find my way through winter with art I guess.
Have a great day and coming weekend, smiles, Anke ;)

kate smudges said...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and feeling better. Great news on your Studio Tours ... and wow, the flower is beautiful. It sounds as if the weather is fabulous. Lucky you!!