Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New series, painting #2

Everything seems to take me extra time these days. I can't explain why, but I can give you my theory that I have been trapped in some sort of time warp or something. The Joshua Tree time warp, where time just slips through my fingers like water through a sieve. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Here is the second painting in my Aboriginal art inspired series. This one is even tinier than the desert quail painting from Sunday, measuring only 4 x 4 inches. You know I don't have the patience to put tiny dots on a large format canvas, right folks? Right. I still don't know if this painting is quite finished, although maybe it is. I think my tortoise might be a bit too round. He ate too many desert flowers.

I also experimented with my friend, Carla Sonheim's, technique of a tranfer painting. So I thought you might like to see what I did. It isn't nearly as cool as what she is doing, but I am enjoying trying new things right now. It is good to expand your mind, and your creative processes. Thank you, Carla, for the tutorial! If any of you want to try this, visit her blog. (Scroll down to Sept. 22nd for the beginning of the tutorial.) It's fun!


Red Fish Circle said...

Wonderful, wonderful, I am running over to Carla's site right now... this looks a little like a Polaroid transfer.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Very cool Karine - your Aboriginal art is so full of life and happiness and color. You should definitely take your time...! : )

rivergardenstudio said...

Your blog is wonderful, and I love your art! Roxanne

Sydney said...

Wow, this is absolutely beautiful work. I saw your comment on bindu's blog about the sqwuirrels, and she found me because I live in Houston and volunteer for both the zoo and the wildlife rehab center that sent those adorable baby squirrels up to where she is. Truly is a small world. Anyway, you said you enjoyed animals and I have one of my 3 blogs that's entirely devoted to them... Wanted to invite you to stop by and take a gander. Hope you'll enjoy it. I know it's my favorite to post on and I put something up almost every day!

I have been writing/posting pix/vids about the squirrels, but also my two boyfriends, a really handsome lion and a very tall and charming. :-) giraffe.

lee said...

I am loving your new work with acrylic on cavas, those animals are great and the colours....just beautiful as usual...

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh i love your turtle!
i am going to have to check out the transfer paintings.

Sydney said...

Hi -- thanks for stopping by and saying you'll visit again! I can totally understand why you didn't miss seasons much while in Hawaii. I mean, hello -- I think you were distracted by PARADISE! I have friends who moved there and love it.

But something about the sameness of every utterly pleasant day in Joshua Tree might be why you miss them a little now?

Curious about 2 things -- I don't know if you mind me asking... what caused you do to this moving and choose Hawaii/small town colorado/Joahua Tree? Wanderlust? Job opportunities?

And wondering what town in CO, as that is one of the top states to move to on our wish list. I'm surprised when it's described as a conservative state... did you feel that where you were?

Inquiring, thinking-of-moving minds, would love to learn from your experience.

bindu said...

I LOVE your painting - great blend of colors! The chubby tortoise is cute.

bindu said...

P.S. I like your signature too - very unique!

High Desert Diva said...

Love the tortoise...and the transfer painting...WOW! So cool.

Peggi Habets said...

These are great little pieces. A grouping of them would make a great impact. Very nice!!!

Anke said...

Uhh, that sounds really interesting, I will check your friend's link out,thanks for sharing.
Yes, trying out new things is fun and expands your horizon. Produces more ideas too....so enjoy your path of adventure!
The Aboriginal art is breathtaking! I love the dots around the corners and the turtle which ate too much ;)
Concerning the time running, feeling the same way.....must be the weekend coming, it's soaking the time up faster, so if I can't stop by anymore before the Open Studio, I wish you good luck a great time and lot's of success!
Greetings your way, Anke ;)

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