Friday, December 12, 2008

Not much to say

Hi Everyone. I am sitting at my laptop, looking out at the night sky and this amazing full moon. I can't seem to focus on anything else but that moon, and even these words are typed with many interruptions, so that I can look at it again. What is it about the moon, anyway? I love it. I love it in all stages, but when it is full it seems to lay a claim on me that is inexplicable.

I haven't posted much lately, mainly because I don't feel like I have much to share of interest. I haven't been doing any art that I want to share. I haven't been taking any photos. Maybe I am just waiting for the days to lengthen and the year to turn over. I really can't say. I just decided I should touch base with you all tonite to say hi. I miss you. I love your comments. I read your blogs (for those blogging souls among you.)

I don't think this brief post is complete without an image of some kind. So I leave you with an old photo. This is a favorite monotype I did while we still lived in Colorado. It is 7 x 5 inches, and I called it "Opulence". Happy weekend!


Red Fish Circle said...

Hi Karine, thanks for the comment about the photos, combo of painting the photo and photoshop. I am thinking of doing more, they were so fun. I love this image you posted.

My hubby told me this full moon is supposed to be the largest full moon in awhile, that is very unscientific, not sure what he meant exactly, but it is particularly hypnotizing. I am sure more so with the quiet of the desert.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

happy weekend to you too karine!
i can see why this is one of your favoirte pieces. it is wonderful.

pRiyA said...

i feel exactly the same way.
that picture is very, very beautiful.

lee said...

The picture is beautiful ..I hae been feeling the same way maybe its the season

Guzzisue said...

hi,thanks for the comments.
They said on the radio that the moon was bigger because it was closer than usual, tried to look at it but too much cloud :-(

bindu said...

I'm sure the desert moon is much more beautiful than the city moon. I don't know much about how monotypes are made, but this one is lovely. Looks like a dancer to me!

coloredsock said...

hey Karine, thanks for your comments. this is a beautiful print! and i can relate with the moon. i'm so enchanted by her...and when she's FULL and rising over our mtns it's beyond words. we also just named our road (finally after years of no name): Luna Madre. I'm so happy our 2 neighbors agreed to our name suggestion!

Patricia said...

The best monoprint ever. We too noticed the moon the past few nights. It came up orange in Nebraska this evening.
This time of year makes me want to hibernate, maybe we're all feeling the same thing.
Hugs to you-

High Desert Diva said...


The moon was incredible, wasn't it?

Love "Opulence".

Carla Sonheim said...

It's been quiet over here, too. Love the piece!

Anke said...

HI Karine, I know what you mean.....even I wait for the 14 weeks to be over. In the meantime take it easy and enjoy the break....I'm sure you will come back all charged and with new ideas soon.....looking forward to see them. Merry Christmas! Smiles, Anke ;)

Robyn said...

At this time of the year I always feel the same way. A sort of waiting, as you say, for the year to turn over.

I can see why this monoprint is a favourite, Karine. Beautiful!