Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow in the High Desert

When we moved here, a little over one year ago, I was told it did snow here. More than once. Coming from Colorado, however, I guess maybe I didn't believe them. I mean, this is Southern California, for cryin' out loud!! This is the desert!!! I figured it maybe snowed like an inch and then melted right away. Something. Well, today, we have had snow ALL DAY LONG. Wet, heavy snow. And it's still snowing!!! It's really quite beautiful, even though a part of me is still in denial that it snows in Southern California in the desert.

Pono thinks the snow is just great. He bounds around in it, and then when he gets tired, he just lays right down. He also has fun when we make snowballs for him to catch, which he catches and ends up with a mouthful of snow. He doesn't seem to mind. I love watching him in the snow.

Here is a photo of our cactus this morning, and you can see this afternoon it was a much different story. I am sad to say that we lost one of our new trees. The top half of it broke from the weight of the snow. We have been going outside to shake off the snow from the new trees probably every hour, but we didn't get out there early enough to save this one poor tree. We also lost one of our Joshua Trees to the heavy snow. That makes me a little sad, but I am so glad for the moisture! This is a reminder that even good things aren't without their share of sorrow.

I am busy, filling out applications for graduate school. I am not entirely convinced I am going to actually ATTEND grad school, but I figured I would apply, and then if I get accepted I can make my real decision.

I hope you are all enjoying this winter evening. I am. Staring out the window at the snow which is still coming down, shaking my head in continued disbelief.


Robyn said...

A cactus dusted in snow? Well I never!

lee said...

yes that snow is amazing in the desert.......probably wont happen for 25 more years. What school would you be attending if accepted and wanted to go.

bindu said...

How lovely! You might have a white Christmas then! I love the snow, so I'm just a little envious. :) Enjoy it!

pRiyA said...

i have to echo Robyn: A cactus covered with snow???!!
i thought you already were graduate in art. what do you plan to major in if you get into grad school?

Guzzisue said...

snow in the desert, would not have belived it if I hadn't seen it!! you've got more snow than we have had for years:-)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi karine!
oh how beautiful and exciting! i have never seen pictures of deep snow on cacti before. that is wonderful!
good for you for filling out applications. that is exciting! where are you applying? what programs look interesting?
what a great post!
hug pono for me!

Red Fish Circle said...

Pono looks so happy! I love the pics of the snow on the cacti,.... what are you planning on studying?

Patricia said...

Snow! How lovely! We've got the same, but with sleet and thunder. i think I like yours better.
Tell us about graduate school!

Abby Creek Art said...

I can't believe you got that much snow!

Pono looks so cute...I bet if you hooked him up to a could go go GO!

Cheryl said...

Hello fellow desert blogger! I'm in Palm Desert! Yes. We saw all your snow! Very pretty, but I'm glad I didn't have to drive in it! Has it melted by now? Happy Holidays!