Friday, September 11, 2009

A Friday night

I wonder how many people are posting to their blog on a Friday night. It's not that there aren't social events I could be attending. There are. A couple of events, in fact, are happening tonight that I could be attending. But here I sit, in front of the computer, posting on the blog instead. You are my newest love, blog readers. How could I go anywhere when I am only thinking of you???

Here is another new monotype from the last session of printmaking. Orange Bird, measuring 7 x 5 inches for the art, came from a dime sized sketch of a cactus wren in my sketchbook. I then drew the sketch onto cardboard, cut it out, and used it for this monotype. I love how the cardboard embosses onto the paper, so the edges around the bird are in relief. There is really no way to describe how fun this process is!

I hope you all have a divine weekend. I am headed for Long Beach tomorrow for the opening of Desert Winds at Spezzano Art Gallery. It's ever so exciting!!!! I am delighted about the prospect of being near the ocean once again. I will definitely have to dip a toe in, if not submerse myself completely in the magic salt water. I will return to again, my dear readers, with salty hair and a grin on my face, once the weekend is over. Until then, aloha!


Cynthia Anderson said...

I was at one of the places you could have been this evening--just got back from the Purple Agave art opening and loved your cactus flower painting--congratulations on the honorable mention!

ArtPropelled said...

Love, love, love this mono! I've seen that expression on many a bird in my garden. The slightest movement in the grass alerts him and before the unsuspecting grasshopper can take a breath it's down the hatch!

Patricia said...

Hope you're having a wonderful evening with your peeps tonight!
Your monoprints continue to amaze.

bindu said...

Enjoy your trip! I looked up your rattlesnake post again and also showed it to my husband today. We saw a copperhead outside our front door yesterday. A neighbor had seen one in his yard too, and relocated it. If we see this one again, we want to relocate it to the creek behind our house.

Luigi | Brochure Printing said...

Your monoprint is amazing and its simplicity makes it more interesting. I hope I could make one in the future. I'm looking forward to your next post. It would really be exciting to read your stories about your visit to Long Beach. Thanks for sharing this.:)

bigBANG studio said...

just LOVE this little bird! think she needs to come back to my house to join the little purple cactus wren print...can't wait to see pics from the opening.