Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Upcoming exhibition

I sent ten paintings to Long Beach today for the opening on September 12th. I spent the morning carefully wrapping them in paper for the journey, and making sure each one had a wire on the back, a signature, and a title. I wanted to take more photographs of a few of them, just to insure I had at least one good photograph for my records. Once I had them all wrapped and ready to go, lined up in the hallway, I stood for a moment to look at them. I felt like a mother, sending her babies off to college! It isn't the first time I have taken paintings away for a show, not by any means. Maybe it has just been a while since I have sent paintings away. Maybe it is because these paintings have so many layers of learning on them. Each layer represents a new approach to painting, a new approach to life; new discoveries were made with every new layer of paint. These latest paintings are almost like journal entries, except that each new entry covers the one before it. Whatever the reason, I do feel a bit of emptiness, now that the hallway is empty of my paintings. I should have take a photograph with camera, instead of just my mind.

I had a long day of printing monotypes yesterday. It is the first chance I have had to print all summer, and I was happy to spend a day with the press. I will be posting more of them soon, but here is one, just for now. It measures 7 x 5 inches, and I think I am going to call it "Rig."

I have been suffering from a headache for the past couple of days. I think the smoke from the fires west of us is the culprit. I am thankful they are not closer, but I wish wish wish it would rain. We do have a few thunderclouds building, and I just heard some thunder. Maybe I need to go outside and do a little rain dance. I am sure the firefighters would love a little help from mother nature!

Here is a photo of one of the paintings traveling to Spezzano Gallery tomorrow. This one is called "Blue Lights" and it measures 12 x 12 x 2.5 inches.


Nancy Medina said...

Ah Karine, blue lights is amazing. You are going to do so well at this show. I know how you feel about sending your creations out into the world, it is exciting and a little sad, too, hoping they will all find loving homes!
good luck and hugs to you and PonoDoggy! xxooo

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi karine!
oh your show is going to be spectacular!
i love your new painting and monotype! Great name for it!

julie king said...

wish i lived closer so i could go to your show! these pieces are spectacular.

hope you headache clears up soon! so sad about the fires and the destruction.

ArtPropelled said...

I would feel reluctant to send those two out into the world too but the next series will probably be even more special. Each one consisting of layers of understanding, lessons learned and history gathered along the way.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Beautiful painting Karine. I like your use of space, marks and visual texture. Thanks for stooping by! Robyn knows the nicest people!

bindu said...

I really like the translucent colors in the last painting. I hope your babies make it there and back fine. :)