Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We have a winner!

You see what happens when I go away for one night? I fall behind on absolutely everything. I had meant to announce the winners of my giveaway on Monday, and now it is Wednesday night! Sheesh. Could I please have a drum roll?

The winner is....AMY from Red Fish Circle!!!! Congratulations, Amy! You are the lucky winner of "Woman with Veil!" I don't think I have your snail mail address, so if you could please email it to me (, I will put your lovely lady in the mail.

In other news, the high desert has finally decided to cool off a bit. It now gets down in the low 70's or even sometimes the mid-60's at night, and the daytime temperatures are usually in the 90's. (This is Fahrenheit, mind you.) I am enjoying the cool morning temperatures for the daily dog walk/run. Pono likes it, too.

The opening at Spezzano Gallery was a great one. I will post photos this week.

What I really want to post for you today are some of the fun birds by the sea that I watched the morning after the opening. It was a cool, cloudy day, and I was up early enough to have a fairly empty beach to walk along, which is something I love. I can walk on a sandy beach for what seems like an eternity. It feels GREAT to have my toes in wet sand!!! If it had been just a teeny bit warmer, I would have gone for a swim.


ArtPropelled said...

Well done Amy!

Birds at the beach can be very humorous! Glad the opening went well, Karine.

bindu said...

Congrats to Amy - the lucky one! An empty beach with just birds for company sounds like heaven. :)

Red Fish Circle said...

Yay for me, you made my day. And I love love love water birds, my favorite. I was just thinking how I need to get back to the Everglades to shoot some pix. I miss them.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to see the artwork up close:)) So honored to have one of your pieces.

Patricia said...

Yay for Amy!! Karine, the bird photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing!