Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Studio Tours

I know you are all probably dying to know about last weekend and the Open Studio.  I am sorry to make you wait so long.  It was SUCH a busy, wonderful weekend!  I am ashamed to tell you that I was so mentally overwhelmed that I didn't manage to take ONE SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH!!!  Oh no!!!  Then, it was over.  The other artists took their art home with them and I suddenly found myself remembering that I had forgotten to take photos.  Can you believe it??  Sorry!!!  I am a sorry excuse for a blogger, that's for sure.  I did take some "after the fact" photos yesterday of my art, once I was beginning to think clearly, but I know it isn't the same.

I will admit that I am still exhausted.  I am feeling better every day, but I am amazed at how much the preparation and the event itself took out of me.  I think what happens is that I got so used to operating at 100 miles per hour, and then I had a whole bunch of people visit me and talk to me all day for two days.  The next day, when it was all over, I found that I was incredibly tired, but there was still this little part of me that was trying to stay busy, since I had gotten so used to being busy but tired.  It took that first day to stop feeling busy, and then yesterday I finally was able to sit down and rest a little.  I have gotten work done today, but I plan on a short day and then more rest.  Perhaps by tomorrow, I will be regular Karine once more.  Let's hope so.

All and all, it was such a fantastic weekend!  All of you who came - THANK YOU!!!  What a wonderful crowd we had!  I got so much great feedback on my art, that I am itching to get back in the studio and paint again very soon!   I am happy that four of us decided to show together, because having the other artists there made the whole weekend so much more fun, and easier, too.  Thank you, to Nora Lousignont, Esther Shaw, and Marjorie Franklin for agreeing to show your work here at my house.  You are all talented artists and amazing friends. 

I will be announcing the winner of my most recent giveaway in the next post, so if you haven't entered yet, do it now!


Patricia said...

Karine I'm so glad for you!!! Your studio is lovely, I'm jealous!! Congratulations on good crowds, good friends, and excellent artwork! Big squeezy hugs-

High Desert Diva said...

I'm glad it went well, and that you're finally feeling more rested.

Loved seeing your art "in place".

pRiyA said...

oooo... look at your studio. this is something i've always wanted to see, where another artist blogger works. and look at the amount of paintings! uff! that's a lot of work you've been doing!
enjoyed this post. thanks :-)

emmet said...

i LOVE the aftermath! rest now, you deserve it!!

emmet said...

i had to come back and look at your house full of goodies. isn't it nice to live with yourself! love to you.