Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday's vulture

I forgot to tell you about the turkey vultures last week.  They migrate over Joshua Tree at this time of year, and one day last week on the morning walk with the dog, we startled a bunch of them that had been roosting in a neighbors tree.  Pono loves to bark at birds, especially big ones.  So, when the first few vacated the tree, Pono became very excited and began to bounce up and down, barking.  There was some difficulty getting a good photograph while hanging onto a bouncing dog's leash.  Luckily for me, there was this one brave vulture on top of the power lines that was not perturbed by Pono's antics, so this is the bird I photographed for you.  Unfortunately, I only had my little point and shoot camera, so the close up isn't that great.  I found out that turkey vultures don't build nests for their young.  That one fact seems to stand out for me, for whatever odd reason.  Also, when they fly, they rely on thermals to stay aloft, and only beat their winds infrequently.  It is really breathtaking to watch a large group of them in flight for this reason.

One more new painting, and I must then wash my dishes.  This one measures 24 x 8 inches, it is oil over acrylic on canvas, and I think the title is "Memories."


Patricia said...

Your paintings have an ethereal quality that I find fascinating. Share with your readers what you think about when you paint?

bigBANG studio said...

Oh look how close you got- those are GREAT shots! I am dying to do some paintings of tv's. And I love this new painting- is that the one with the sister painting? Post them both together if you take any more pictures- they are so buoyant and full of energy and they work really well as a pair! xo.