Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Thursday Evening

Some days are such a challenge. I wish I knew why! All day, my plan was to get into the studio. First, my Dad called. (Hi Dad!) Then, I had to catch up with my friend Nora, who has been away. My hairdresser called, and said he had a cancellation, so if I wanted my haircut before November, I needed to come in at noon. (This was good news, because I did need a haircut.) As I was getting ready to make a little something to eat, my dentist called to say, "uh, Karine, you were supposed to be here about 10 minutes ago for a cleaning!" OOOPS!!! So I discovered how quickly I can brush my teeth and get to the dentist's office. I had just enough time to grab a quick taco and let the dog out before my haircut. When I got home, hair freshly cut and styled, I realized I had forgotten something at the hairdresser's. Back to the hairdressers. Blah blah blah... The whole day just continued in this fashion, until next thing you know, it's dark. I am getting spoiled now, and don't really like painting in the dark anymore. Besides, I had blogging to do!

So, no studio time today!!! I am disappointed, but I also know that missing one day in the studio means I will be REALLY committed to being in there all day tomorrow, so I am not going to lose sleep over it. (well, maybe a little...)

After visiting some of my favorite blogs, and leaving comments, I have decided I am going to write a book using the "words" that you have to enter to get your comment to post (in blogger). You know, wonderful words like "phoatr" or "ratonize". I mean, these "words" MUST mean SOMETHING!!! They just have to! What about "keysly". I am pretty sure that is an adjective. The keysly young girl just HAD to have ice cream on hot days. Something like that. Sometimes these "words" appear in Facebook, when you are about to post a link. Is this a sign that I spend too much time on the computer??? I think I know the answer to that, already.

I leave you with another one of the new monotypes, this one is a gold jackrabbit, measuring 5 x 7 inches.


lee said...

loving your monoprints, the jackrabbit is so cool. And thanks for stopping by the blog, I am looking forward to my little holiday, and so is my wallet....

pRiyA said...

Hey, that gold jack rabbit is TERRIFIC! Love it.

ArtPropelled said...

My little nephew was keysly until he started school. He hid every key he found which drove us all scatty. Long searches would ensue and to this day there are many keys we havn't found. He swallowed a few too.Fortunately I didn't have to search for those.

Love the new mono!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

LOL karaine!
what a great post! i have had days just like that!

i love your new monotype!

have a wonderful weekend!


ps my word today was rescro :)

Nancy Medina said...

Karine, this just demonstrates how much time you spend in the studio, you finally got a day off! Great post. My word verification was POTIN, in case you want to add that one to your blog on words... : )
hugs to you and PonoPants!