Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Events and openings

It's been a busy week, preparing for Artfest this weekend in Henderson, NV.  M helped me set up the display panels and canopy, for a dry run.  I had to see how it was all going to look, and how long it would take us to set up.  Once the new panels were up with art on them, I got excited.  There is something wonderful about seeing one's own art displayed on walls.  Here is a little preview, for those of you who won't get to see what it looks like.
If you are close by and fancy seeing this in person, I will be on Water Street, booth number 200, from 10 to 5 Saturday and Sunday!
The desert continues to enchant with its magical flowers and creatures.  I do my best to capture just a bit of it for you, my dear, dear readers.  I wish you could walk alongside me, so we could marvel together.  We will just have to do it virtually, which is better than not at all.

This weekend in Joshua Tree, there will be gallery openings galore!  My friend, Lily Stockman is showing with Brian Leatart at the True World GalleryThe Red Arrow will be having an opening with artists from Alaska. Last, but certainly not least, the new JTAG will be having an opening, and I am proud to announce that I will be a part of that.  My new paintings of the Joshua Tree will be hanging in the newest gallery this Saturday, and I am sorry I won't be there.  It is hard to be in two places at once!  Perhaps one of you local blog readers can stop by and tell me how it was.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

It looks great! I hope you have a fun time and sell a lot of art!

pRiyA said...

They always, always look impressive when they are framed and up on a wall don't they! This is what giving birth and admiring your creation feels like :)
These beautiful desert flowers have all the awesomeness of large trees in them. Thank you so much for letting us enjoy these with you.

bigBANG studio said...

Henderson is going to be so much fun and I'm sorry I won't be there. Are the two men in your life coming? I hope you'll be in good company, and we'll miss you at the opening of JTAG. You're kicking some serious art ass these days, K! xoxo

Liz said...

Good luck! Your display looks lovely - wish I could drop by in person.

Red Fish Circle said...

Those dessert flowers are amazing, I love the colors against those dusty greens.

Tina Bluefield said...

Good luck in Henderson, have a wonderful time!
I will be thinking of you and wishing I was set up beside you again...xo

Janis said...


This answers why I didn't see you tonight at JTAG. Loved your Joshua Tree paintings. Very lively crowd--and too many events in the hi desert to attend: shows and lectures in Morongo, JT and Yucca!! All day event! Pretty amazing. Best wishes in Henderson. ~ Janis