Monday, May 24, 2010

Please help

I have a friend here in Joshua Tree who has found that she can no longer keep her dogs.  These dogs are sweet and have been well-loved.  I am going to post photos and brief descriptions of each dog, and if any of you out there are interested in giving one of these cuties a home, please leave a comment and let me know.  I promised my friend I would do what I could to help her find good homes for her beloved friends.

Brody is a two year old German Shepard/Labrador mix. Brody is a very sweet and gentle dog. He has a very passive personality and is always polite with new dogs and people. Brody loves to play and go for walks, he is trained on a leash. Brody is house trained and understands verbal commands such as sit, down, and stay. Brody would be a wonderful family dog. He loves children and loves to play. He would also be a very good dog for an older person in need of a companion. He is a very calm and gentle dog. I am in a heartbreaking situation and am unable to keep Brody. He has his own dog bed and food dishes, as well as all of his toys. Brody needs a loving home.

Jake is a one year old German Shepard/Rottweiler mix. He is a very lovable dog and loves to snuggle. He also loves to play fetch and go for walks. He is spoiled and loves to play with all his toys. Jake is trained and does very well on a leash, He is house trained and knows verbal commands such as sit, down, and stay. He trains very easily and is a people pleasing dog. Jake is still a puppy and is very high energy and needs to go to a home where someone has plenty of time to spend with him. Jake does like people however he does not like children very much. He might not do well in a home with young children. I am in a heartbreaking situation and am unable to keep Jake. Jake has his own dog bed and food dishes and lots of toys. He just needs a good home.
If you know of someone who might need a dog in their life, please let me know!

In other news, I have been in the studio over the weekend, and I will have photos of new paintings soon.  Hopefully, the blog will not continue to be as neglected as it has been lately.  Sometimes, I just don't have that much to say.

The desert flowers are fading, but a few hardy late bloomers are managing to hang on with the unusually cool temperatures we have enjoyed.  We even got some rain yesterday! 


desertbackroadfiend said...

I wish I could take one or both dogs. This makes me so sad! Unfortunately my Bella Donut isn't very, um, friendly towards other dogs.

I will pass on the word. Posting pictures of these guys in PETS + beside the Vons might be a good idea too.


Karine said...

I am happy to announce that both dogs have found new homes! Thank you, everyone who responded!